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Leading Ladies - Janita Toerien

Janita Toerien is a household name in the bridal industry and she has provided many brides with STUNNING wedding dresses that are a dream to wear, and we've asked Janita to share her great story behind the leading company below!


Tell us a little about your personal style and how it’s evolved with your business?

Oohh. Difficult one this, I love everything, I love minimalistic, clean lines and I love the organised chaos in a mixture of distinct patterns; I love delicate, subtle details and I love a bold, in-your-face design. I think two things that influence my style of dress and design though is that there has to be a contrasting element and it has to be comfortable e.g. pairing a tulle skirt with a hard, metallic belt or just having a soft, woolly knit under a leather jacket.

Having been in the bridal industry, you must have seen a lot of trend-shifts. Is there anything bridal-wise that you foresee being quite a big trend in this next season?

We’re already seeing big, bold patterns and contouring lace work as a trend and I don’t think it will go away soon. Trends usually come in opposing pairs and there is definitely also a shift towards minimalistic design where brides don’t want all the frills and details that come with traditional lacy gowns.

Any tips for avoiding a bridal gown faux paux and is there anything dress-wise that’s a big ‘no no’ for you personally?

If you have a big bust then be kind to your girls and support those tatas. Don’t try squeeze them into a dress that let’s half your side boob hang out. I’m all for loving your boobs and having a tiny bit of cleavage, but side boob just says that the dress doesn’t fit properly…consider it the same as your g-string sticking out above your pants. Nope, not good.

Being a successful businesswoman and constantly on-the-go, how do you unwind and spend any free time you may have?

When I want my brain to switch off completely I watch TV and do absolutely nothing. I am an introvert so it is really important for me to “hermit” a bit. I’ve recently started reading novels again to actively force my mind to concentrate on something other than clothes, weddings or fashion. At the moment I am reading Shantaram and absolutely loving it.

Any advice for women wanting to go into this industry or even start their own business in a related field?

Start small. The small things will teach you how to handle the bigger things. Don’t resent other’s accomplishments and compare yourself to them, work hard with your blinkers on and focus on what YOU need to do. Say yes to opportunities and don’t burn bridges. Make sure the quality of your work is top notch, in the wedding industry it will be word of mouth that will build your business over the long run.

Lastly, for the beautiful brides-to-be, any tips before you try on your first white dress?

Photoshop and Pinterest often create unrealistic expectations. Don’t fall for that, realize that the day is about the promise you and your fiancée are making and celebrating with friends and family. Don’t try to be perfect, just be the happiest version of you.