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Leading Ladies - Amo Venter

Amo Venter is an up and coming Weddings & Events coordinator in the bridal industry. She's young, fresh and hip and she will help you create your dream day. This is why we asked her to share a little bit of Amo Creative in the 'Leading Ladies' feature below!

Now listen closely girls, you're getting top notch advice here!


Tell us a little about your personal style and how it’s evolved with your business?

I absolutely adore all things neutral and minimalistic but if you pop on over to my social media platforms it definitely tells you the opposite! Starting a business is a scary adventure in the beginning and you often have to put aside what you love and give your clients what they desire but with always keeping your personal style in mind.

As we've all been taught - the client is always right!

Having been in the bridal industry, you must have seen a lot of trend-shifts. Is there anything bridal-wise that you foresee being quite a big trend in this next season?

Yes! Trends are popping up left, right and centre but the trends we are following currently just might be with us for a while. I'm going put to all my eggs in one basket and say that we're 100% moving away from traditional side by throwing a spanner in the works with our more individualistic ideas. Leap into modern times, ladies!

I dream of flowerless tables, food and beverage bars and two-piece wedding dresses instead of your traditional style.

Any tips for avoiding a bridal gown faux paux and is there anything dress-wise that’s a big ‘no no’ for you personally?

Checklists, checklists and more checklists!

I am a firm believer in checklists, you should always have a notebook and pen available to scribble down any information you stumble upon.

Having a reliable and efficient coordinator will help you jump over those unexpected hurdles. Ultimately, you will be a happy, beautiful and stress-free bride on your wedding day with a coordinator by your side.

But one thing that is a HUGE "no no" for me is chair covers....

Being a successful businesswoman and constantly on-the-go, how do you unwind and spend any free time you may have?

Ask all my friends and family, a glass of wine or a simple G&T is on the top of my list! Just joking - or am I? ;) - I usually take a day or two away from social media and email correspondence.

Any advice for women wanting to go into this industry or even start their own business in a related field?

Okay peeps, from personal experience I have found that having built relationships with the industries service providers through my studying with The Aleit Academy has really helped me build my business from the ground up.

Always walk out your door with your head held up high and your smile radiant. And believe me when I tell you that "small talk" is a major factor in this industry!

Lastly, for the beautiful brides-to-be, any tips before you start planning your wedding?

We all know that the minute your boyfriend's on his knees and popping that question - you're Pinterest has been made! Don't deny it brides-to-be we both know you've pinned everything to your board and shared it with all your besties! But just keep in mind that when you pin, the season of your wedding, the colours you would like and where your wedding will be held.

By following this simple guideline your South African service providers will be able to bring your wedding moodboard to life. You don't want to send your entire floral budget on importing tulips from Amsterdam!

Well there you have it, ladies! All the juicy wedding planning 101 tips from the lovely Amo Venter!

If you want to see more from Amo, check out the information below:

Company Name: Amo Creative
Website: Amo Creative
Mobile: 083 391 3085

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