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La Fontaine Boutique Hotel Review | Chandré & Corné

At the SA Weddings 2020 Bride of the Year Competition, no one left empty-handed and our runner-ups were no different thanks to our incredible sponsors. First runner up couple, Chandré and Corné, were the deserving recipients of a three day stay at the idyllic 4-star La Fontaine Boutique Hotel situated in the quaint Franschhoek Valley. Boasting lavish afro-chic interiors, La Fontaine Boutique Hotel ensures guests relax like never before whilst staying true to its rich history as a heritage building situated in the heart and soul of Franschhoek. Chandré and Corné were spoiled for choice during their stay where they could enjoy the fine amenities of La Fontaine whilst exploring the charming town of Franschhoek right on their doorstep. Here’s what they had to say about their incredible stay at La Fontaine:


Image Credits:
Left to Right: Jané Ulla Photography


1. How did you feel when you and your husband heard that you had won an incredible trip to La Fontaine Boutique Hotel?

We were extremely excited when we heard about our prize and couldn’t wait to make the booking. Franschhoek is one of our favourite destinations for a day trip and so an entire weekend away at the La Fontaine Boutique Hotel was a massive spoil.

2. What three words would you use to describe your stay at the amazing La Fontaine Boutique Hotel?

Aesthetic; Romantic; Courteous

3. We would all love to know more about this amazing trip and experience you went on. Describe one of your days at La Fontaine Boutique Hotel from when you first woke up to when you went to bed?

All three days were filled with exciting activities but we had a jam-packed day on the Saturday. We woke up to yet another day of being spoiled by the amazing La Fontaine staff with a lovely breakfast. We had so many options to choose from: a full breakfast menu and a buffet spread, so we had a bit of both. After breakfast, we got ready for our bike rides which stood ready for us on our way out. We went sight-seeing through the town, cycling through the streets and experienced a very different kind of scenery than the usual window of your car. We felt like locals gliding past the most beautiful cottages and cruising underneath the most majestic trees.

Image Credits:
Right: @deartravallure

We stopped at the Huguenot Museum where we spent some valuable time learning about Franschhoek’s history. We also visited The Perfume Museum, which was really lovely as well and we gathered some interesting stories about perfume that we haven’t read before. Thereafter, we parked our bikes down the street to visit the local Saturday market and pop into the shops. After the bike rides, we spent the rest of the afternoon at Haute Cabrière Estate for a light lunch and a wine tasting where we had an incredible view of the Franschhoek Valley.

We were open to suggestions for Saturday evening’s dinner and the La Fontaine staff suggested we go to a restaurant called Allora. We had the best dinner and pasta experience at Allora. We ended our night off at a local tavern where they had a live band. This was definitely the perfect way to end off our day. La Fontaine is but a street away from the main road so we felt like genuine tourists walking just across the street back to our hotel.

Image Credits:
Left: Jané Ulla Photography

4. What was your favourite part of your stay?

I enjoyed the bike rides. It was a unique experience that we got to do as a couple. We had so much fun and a good laugh as well.

5. What was your husband’s favourite part of his stay at La Fontaine Boutique Hotel?

He really liked that everything is situated in close proximity which made it rather convenient to explore all that Franschhoek has to offer.

6. Not only is La Fontaine Boutique Hotel a feast for the eyes, but we hear their service and dining is fabulous too! How did you find it?

On the Friday evening, we were treated to a 3-course dinner by the in-house chef. The 3-course dinner included a wine pairing and was presented by the lovely hotel manager, Kim. We had Springbok Tataki for the 1st course, Asian Short Rib for the 2nd and Strawberry & Elderflower Mousse for dessert. The food was delicious and the portions were decent. By the end of dinner, our food babies were definitely evident!

Image Credits:
Left: Jané Ulla Photography

7. What activities did you get up to at La Fontaine Boutique Hotel?

La Fontaine has an amazing lounge area with a bar. The explosion of colour and texture makes it impossible to not be captivated. The bar service included any kind of cocktail to your imagination as well as great conversation which kept us glued to our seats. Our weekend ended off with yet another delicious breakfast and as part of our prize, we received a lovely couple’s massage which was done in the comfort of our own room.

8. How did you find your chic accommodation?

We absolutely adored the décor. From the moment you step foot into the La Fontaine lobby, you are embraced by the incredible aesthetic: vibrant wallpapers, velvety textures and bursts of colour everywhere. From the bar to the dining area and right through to our room, everything was just absolutely beautiful and captivating. It’s not always the case that you get to experience such eclectic aesthetics in luxurious accommodation.

Image Credits:
Middle & Right: Jané Ulla Photography

9. An incredible venue must have the most wonderful team working to make it AMAZING! What was your experience with the La Fontaine team like?

All in all it would not have been the same without the team. We received a warm welcome and were treated like family. We felt right at home. The team was very professional and we always had assistance whenever required.

10. Would you recommend La Fontaine Boutique Hotel as a destination for your honeymoon? How many nights would be the perfect time at the hotel?

I would definitely recommend La Fontaine Boutique Hotel as a honeymoon destination for at least 2 nights as the hotel and the town have so much to offer. We did not even get to explore all that Franschhoek has to offer on our weekend’s stay so I would highly recommend a longer stay at La Fontaine.

Image Credits:
Left & Right: Jané Ulla Photography

It truly sounds like Chandré and Corné’s stay at La Fontaine Boutique Hotel exceeded all their expectations. From how warmly they were received to the luxurious amenities and afro-chic interiors, each boasting individual charm with lavish finishes - it’s true what La Fontaine promises: “...guests will relax like never before…”. Thank you La Fontaine Boutique hotel for gifting this incredible experience and making Bride of the Year 2020 one to remember!


La Fontaine Boutique Hotel

La Fontaine Boutique Hotel

Step through the doors of the true-to-history exterior and into the stylish interior with modern finishes and eclectic design.