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Is A Wedding Coordinator Really Necessary?

We've recently teamed up with some of our amazing service providers to bring you, our brides-to-be, the best and most informative information when planning your special day.

Thank you to Barefeet Videography for filming these beautiful videos and The Forum | Embassy Hill for allowing us to shoot at their stunning venue in Constantia, Cape Town. Before we share the video with you, we thought we'd share this quick Q&A session with Pippa Lund from The Perfect Proposal. Once you're done reading the Q&A, click on the video to hear more from the stunning and insightful Pippa.


What role does a wedding coordinator play in the wedding planning process?

The wedding coordinator is there for you from the start of your wedding all the way to the end. We are there to deal with all the bookings, designing and to help you make the right choices for your big day. Wedding coordinators can be the person who takes on all the stressful parts of the wedding planning process, which then allows you to enjoy this special time without it becoming overwhelming.

Is a wedding coordinator really necessary?

A wedding coordinator is an industry professional. They know all the hidden secrets about what works for a wedding and what doesn’t. We are used to all the problems that can occur and therefore we know exactly how to fix anything that comes our way. So, if you want to enjoy the overall experience from planning your wedding all the way through to the big day then I highly suggest hiring a wedding coordinator.

Any advice for the DIY bride?

Do research before your wedding day and ensure you have a timeline in place. You need to understand that things out of your control can happen, so ensure you have a back up plan for everything!

If a bride really needs help planning her wedding, but doesn’t necessarily have the available funds for a coordinator, what advice can you offer?

These days we are very lucky to have social media and the internet. It is not the same as having a wedding coordinator plan your wedding, but it can help with answers to the big questions they may have relating to their wedding. A lot of wedding coordinators offer day meetings these days where they can walk you through the event planning process over coffee which will not break the budget.

Is there anything you'd like to add?

ENJOY THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE!! So many brides get carried away with all the planning that they don’t actually take the time to enjoy being engaged. On your wedding day make sure you remember everything as the day goes by so quickly. Enjoy every single second of this special time in your life and do not let small problems affect you


The Perfect Proposal

The Perfect Proposal

Let The Perfect Proposal assist you on your special day to create the most romantic event for you and your partner!

the forum embassy hill

the forum embassy hill

Begin your journey to forever at the forum embassy hill, nestled in the Constantia Valley.



Barefeet loves nothing more than the opportunity to capture these once-in-a-lifetime memories in the most natural, authentic and captivating way.