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Is A Wedding Coordinator For Me?

Many couples would like to plan their own weddings and skip using a professional wedding coordinator but most of the time it's just not that practical. Therefore, we've come up with 5 questions for you to ask yourself and if you answer "no" to any of them, you should probably get started on interviewing coordinators before you settle down to the stresses of wedding planning 101.


Do you have time in-office to answer calls regarding your wedding?

Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living! Most brides work full days, but sadly so do your service providers. You will be contacted off the hook during the day and it really depends if you have an awesome boss who lets you organise your wedding day from your office desk.

Are you a punctual and deliberate person?

If you can't write and follow schedules well, you will need to consider a planner who will keep the wheels moving on time for you during the planning as well as on the big day.

Are you deadline-oriented?

If you can't send out prompt responses, you could lose your preferred services and thousands of rands worth of deposits by simply not getting to all your payments by deadline.

Do you have that bossy friend?

Sometimes it can all come down to that one bossy friend who can just take the reins on your wedding planning. This bossy friend may not be in the actual wedding party but she'll still be the one coordinating everybody seating and checking that the cake isn't lopsided or the flowers are welting. If you don't have a friend that can go to the ends of the earth for your wedding planning, it may be worth recruiting in for the day. You do not want to be worrying that granny is dawdling down the aisle as your wedding march starts.

Are you prepared for the devil in the detail?

Not all of us understand a catering contract or have the time to go over and over a venue's final program, where everyones meant to be and most importantly keeping it all on track- with any wedding; the devil really is in the detail. If this all sounds a little overwhelming for you, consider a coordinator who you will make your life a whole lot easier.

Take a browse through our site, there are so many great options from Lily Berry Events to The Mosaic Wedding Company and beyond!


Lily Berry Events

Lily Berry Events

We specialise in floral design and all your flower and décor needs. Creating an unforgettable experience and lasting memories.

The Mosaic Wedding Company

The Mosaic Wedding Company

Cara has a keen eye for detail and has worked with a lot of international couples who put all their trust in her to help plan their special day.

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