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Ideas For Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed,
Something blue
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.


Your big day is nearing and you already have something old, something new and something borrowed, but you just cant decide on something blue. Also, what do all of these things actually mean?

According to tradition (and superstition of course), a bride needs to wear these particular items for a long and happy marriage. Usually these gifts given to the bride, are heirlooms or family treasures handed down in a right of passage. But, what exactly do each of them represent?

Something Old

Something old represents continuity and is a symbolism of protection on the couple's future children. It reassures the bride that her marriage is part of a much broader story with many chapters yet to come. So, how exactly does one incorporate something old into your modern day wedding?

With vintage being a massive trend in the wedding industry (and luckily it's not going anywhere anytime soon), it's quite easy to include something old without looking frumpy. We particularly love the idea of wearing a family heirloom for something old. Other ideas include wearing something from your mom, gran or a special aunt - think pearls, a beautiful bracelet, a locket with their photo in it or a beautiful vintage wedding gown worn by your precious mom on her wedding day!

Something New

Your something new refers to the union you're creating with your soon-to-be hubby! It is also a representation of optimism and prosperity for your future.

Here you can go for just about anything new. If your fiancé gifted you with a stunning piece of jewellery, now is the time to show off your bling.

Something Borrowed

Something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness from someone close to you who has had a successful marriage of their own. When you borrow something from someone for your wedding day, they’ll know exactly how incredibly important they are to you.

In the royal family, the Queen gifted Kate Middleton with the ultimate borrowed accessory - a sparkling vintage diamond tiara. You, however, can choose to borrow whatever your heart desires and most importantly, is of significance to you.

So, ladies, if you've had your eye on something special, now is the time to request it for your special day.

Something Blue

Something blue stands for purity, love, and faithfulness. We've seen lots of brides add subtle hints of blue to their wedding day in terms of a baby blue garter or perhaps a sapphire wedding ring! Here are some other fabulous ideas for adding that something blue to your wedding day, no matter your theme or colour scheme.