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How To Go About Choosing Your Wedding Dress

One of the first things to tick off the never-ending list is quite obviously finding your dream dress.


Finding ‘the one’, multiple fittings or international orders and couriering can take weeks if not months, so you’ll need to leave plenty time for this to avoid unnecessary stress. We don’t need to state the obvious...but it’s kind of the most important dress you’ll ever buy.

Many brides find this part of the process a tad bit overwhelming, so we’re here to help you with a few key starting points. Also, the right service providers (like those on our website), will help eliminate wedding stress, by offering the best advice possible together with the most incredible service!

Wedding Planning Platforms

There’s only one that should pop to mind (Hint hint) but on a serious note- having a quick search to see whats available in your area with a list of trusted suppliers is a great staring point. It also allows you to scroll through their past work and bridal gown images so that you can create your very own ‘look book’. Visuals are everything and we have you covered!

An added bonus is that service providers now have a linked bride feature, which means you can see what their wedding dresses looked like and gain even more inspiration from real brides!

Bridal Boutiques

A great way to get inspired is just to start. Rally up your bridal party and head for the bridal boutiques in your area and start crossing them off the list, one by one. Try everything- the the good, the bad and the ugly- you’ll fast learn about things you like, definitely don’t like and certain details that suit you will all help when it comes to finding ‘the one’.

Lots of these boutiques also treat you like the queen you deserve to feel like by bringing out the bubbles and compliments by the bucket-load so there’s really no excuse not to soak up the experience and rather do more than less. Boutiques are simply lovely to browse around, so we suggest you check out those listed on our website!


Who better to help you pick out the perfect dress than the ones you love and trust most. Listen to your friends and family as well as people you know who have recently been married- there's no such thing as too much advice and although we are all very different, you could get a great tip for a bridal consultant or dress maker that will be a game-changer down the line.

Bridal Expos

Always great for some extra inspiration, these shows usually lay on the fashion parades and dispays to leave you overwhelmed by what’s hot and what’s not. Either way, you’ll get a chance to be exposed to many different dress designers and looks all in one place.

Visual Diaries

There’s no escaping the fact that wedding inspiration has to be visual. SA Weddings allows you to create your own ‘board’ with all your favourite looks from real weddings and styled shoots where the content is real and within your reach. Pinterest is great but if the dress you virtually fall in love with is made in Australia and you live in Cape Town, you may have a problem. Having a visual portfolio of what you love and don’t love is also a great tool to show friends so that they can keep a look out and comes in handy when meeting for bridal wear appointments to save time and tears.

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