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How To Choose A Wedding Photographer

The How, What and Who In Wedding Photography

You said "yes" and your next thoughts were the dress, venue, cake, suits and DJ right? What are you forgetting.....Capturing your most treasured memories, the laughter, love and tears. Should you invest in finding the perfect photographer? We think yes and here is how.


Choosing your ideal photographer can be daunting, it is a decision that create memories that your great grandchildren will cherish. We are sharing our 5 top tips that will help you make the right choice.

Decide On An Image Style

Personal style is unique and this should be evident in your wedding photo's. Thought given to wedding photography styles can add amazing artistic creative elements to normal images that stand out from the rest.

Look At Different Photographer's Work

Word of mouth is a great way of gathering a list in advance before you start your search. However, what your friend or family member liked about their choice of photographer might not be what suits you. Look at different photographer's work and you will get a strong sense if they can achieve what you visualize in your own mind.

Value And Budget Spend

This can be tricky if you have no idea how much wedding photographers cost. Try an get an idea from others who recently got married. A higher price doesn't always mean better quality and reasonable costs don't always mean lower quality. Find out if your photographer offers different packages and what each of them entail. As you should be open and clear about your budget, your photographer should be just as open. Hidden costs can include specific artwork, editing and travel expenses, so best to also ask about these in the beginning before entering into a signed contract.

Set Up An In Person Interview

You need to feel at ease with your photographer and so do your guests. Feelings of awkwardness could display in your wedding photos. It usually takes only a few minutes to gauge if your personalities will work well together.


Experience plays a big role, it can't be taught. An experienced photographer will know exactly what moments to capture and how to achieve this without intruding or disrupting the sequence of events. Ask how many weddings they have done and research prior weddings and referrals. Although it is not crucial, a photographer who has worked at your venue will have insight for best locations, lighting and timing, this can make a significant impact on the end result.

Top Trends For Wedding Photography Styles 2020

Although a wedding photography style is a personal choice, there are certain photo style trends that seem to be making more and more of an appearance.

Your photographer is seen more as a guest with a camera. Moments are captured as they naturally happen and are unobtrusive.

First Look Images
As with natural and relaxed, they capture unrehearsed elements of your day, like the expression on your partner's face as you enter the room.

Day After Photos
Some couples opt for these shoots only when they return from their honeymoon or a few months after their wedding day. They tend to work well as the pressure and stress of the actual day is well behind them.

Using Second Photographers
This can allow the primary photographer to focus more on the bride, groom and their entourage. You want every moment of this day to be captured so it might be worthwhile to consider this depending on your budget.

Different Photography Styles Explained

The style that you have probably seen in older wedding albums. The photos are usually very posed and mostly of the newlywed couple, family and close friends. It is still however a popular photo style used in weddings these days.

True to its name this style boasts the brides fashion choice on the day. It pays attention to lighting, fashionable poses and beautiful backgrounds.

Black and White
Some say that black and white images tend to feel more emotional. Again, it comes down to personal style. Some couples choose to have a combination of black and white and colour imagery.

A popular style choice for the more retro couple as this style boats creativity. The elements of old and timeless tend to trigger strong feelings of nostalgia.

A big emphasis on the use of natural light. The best time for this image style is when the sun is not harsh. Shadows and other lighting difficulties do need to be taken into consideration.

Moody & Dark
A relatively new image style. This style can add to the enhancement of dramatic images. If you prefer bright and colourful this style might not be one you would necessarily consider.

Great to show off the location of the wedding venue or fun shots as shown below. This style could require more equipment like the use of a drone.

Fine Art Photography

The photographer becomes a true artist making the subject of the image not the main focus. There are artistic elements created in this image, making it captivating and the perfect piece to hang on a wall.

Some Of Our Photographers Share Their Unique Photography Styles

You have now looked at various photography style images and have some kind of an idea on what you think would work best for your wedding style. You are either a bride that wants to stick to one image style or a bride that perhaps wants a mix of different photo styles. Either way you need to find a photographer that can really showcase and understand what you want.

We recently chatted with some of our listed photographers to find out what their unique photo styles are and what they really enjoying doing. This is what they had to say.

JCclick is all about keeping up with the latest photo style trends. They love working in the outdoors incorporating beautiful natural elements into their pictures. They have all the latest equipment so they can easily achieve what you think might be impossible.

A & M Photography and Video Productions
Andre and Monique do not only do wedding photography but they also offer videography. Their expertise is extremely diverse making them open to any wedding styles that you seek. Having loads of experience in aerial photography they could just be the photographer you are looking for.

RDK Photography
With a degree in motion picture production Renske de Klerk-Engelbrecht is passionate about colour. Her favourite part of a wedding is when the groom sees his bride for the first time and to capture pure emotion, from tears on the bride’s mother’s face to pure joy and laughter from guests.

Alexander Smith Photography
The style that most of Alexander's clients are looking for is natural and candid...those unposed moments caught with a good eye. He mentions that people want fun and relaxed vibes - not perfect portraits... they want to feel something not just look at something pretty... and that’s the way he likes to shoot!

Ruan Redelinghuys Photography
Ruan loves authenticity and creativity. These wedding styles come across strongly in his photography style. He is all about capturing those emotional and real moments and adding highly creative aspects to them. His kind of image style is sure to stand out from the crowd.

Conway Photography
This husband and wife team love to shoot with moody and dark tones as they love the richness of the colours. Their style is mainly moody, documentary style focusing on moments and using aerial portraits to add a different angle to their photography. They also love natural light and are not great fans of artificial lights.

Riaan West Photography
A fine art photographer with a love for intimate weddings that have been featured in various magazines and online publications. Riaan's strong sense of art comes across in all his imagery whether it be black and white, aerial, natural or fashion. In a nutshell, his passion is to be part of your wedding and telling this unique story through imagery.

Duane Smith Photography
Having been in the industry for over 7 years and a strong passion for weddings, Duane's approach is simple, non-directive, observant and personal. He believes that these moments, frozen in time, will be what lingers in your heart, and those you share them with for years to come.

Liezel Volschenk Photography
Intrigued by the art of creating eye catching visuals Liezel loves documenting emotive and real moments through story telling. She is all about those small intimate gestures, celebratory confetti shots, happy tears, the laugh ‘till your cheeks hurt moments and all the highlights in between.

One Fine Day
A husband and wife team that loves life, people and lives by faith. They are able to tell your unique story while showcasing all chapters of your day with true raw emotion. Their interactive approach results in truthful stories whilst representing you, and all that you are, at your best.

Each tip shared is in no order of importance as each one needs to compliment the other. So much time, money and effort goes into your wedding day. Your pictures need to capture and reflect every moment as they become your fondest cherished memories of a perfect day.


Ruan Redelinghuys Photography

Ruan Redelinghuys Photography

I love what I do. I live for what we can create.



Wedding Photography and Videography

Liezel Volschenk Photography

Liezel Volschenk Photography

Authentic, Creative & Emotive Story Telling

Riaan West Photography

Riaan West Photography

Riaan West is a Cape Town based international fine art wedding photographer who travels for local and International weddings.

RDK Photography

RDK Photography

Gauteng Award Winning Wedding Photographer, RDK Photography captures every magical moment of your special day with a touch of elegance and passion!

Duane Smith Photography

Duane Smith Photography

“I’m so moved with how each wedding has its own heartbeat , and I get to be part of that beat”

One Fine Day

One Fine Day

Your moment matters.

A & M Photography and Video Productions

A & M Photography and Video Productions

André & Monique of A&M Photography and Video Productions, are a husband and wife team, passionate about weddings; marriage; photography and videography.

Alexander Smith Photography

Alexander Smith Photography


Conway Photography

Conway Photography

We are a wedding film and photography business that specializes in emotive and creative style storytelling.

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