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How To Beat The Post Wedding Blues

Beating The Post Wedding Blues

You’ve dreamt about it your whole life and the planning seems like it’s gone on for years itself. The energy that goes into a wedding celebration is a massive build up that forms part of this life-altering event. Sometimes though, we can forget that there’s life-after-the-wedding and it can be hard ‘to come down’ from that wedding buzz. We have you covered for some great ideas to stay busy and beat those post-wedding blues:


Enter SA Weddings Bride Of The Year 2016

Looking for the perfect opportunity to put on that wedding dress again? SA Weddings hosts an annual competition to crown the ultimate bride of the year. Upload your story and wedding photographs on our site and rely on friends and family to vote you all the way to the top. There’s a holiday to Mauritius up for grabs for the winner as well as so much more!

Get your wedding photos and display them EVERYWHERE

Receiving your prints of your big day allows you to relive the magic all over again! Spend the time with your partner looking over them and deciding which ones you’d like for an album, photobook, enlarged prints or frames. There are many ways to get creative with displaying photos nowadays, so this should be a fun activity that you can do together to add some magic to your walls and map the story of your beginning together.

Feature in a ‘Real Wedding’ guide

Re-visit all the memories of your big day by submitting it for a feature on our ‘Real Weddings’. We will work our magic and turn your beautiful day into a feature which inspires all the brides-to-be.

You probably haven’t had that much free time in the lead up to your wedding, so now is the time to enjoy your time together and celebrate often. Make sure you have plenty of fun plans together- weekend activities, seeing family and friends and making travel plans where possible, are all great ways to maintain the excitement, while still enjoying your post-wedding freedom.

Watch your video, again and again.

If you captured your special day with a videographer or even a few behind-the-scenes clips- a wedding video can be a powerful reminder of the emotions felt on your big day and is a treasure you can watch again and again. Popcorn and tissues handy- of course.

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