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How To Be The Perfect Bridesmaid

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is a big deal; your friend is giving you the honour of being part of her inner circle on her wedding day and with great privilege, comes great responsibility. This doesn't mean your bride friend can expect you to be at the end of the phone for a 3am floral brainstorming session, splash out thousands for your dress (that you’ll probably never wear again), or ask you to cut your hair/tan your skin/lose or gain weight for the big day.

But, if you’ve said yes to the job, she should be able to rely on you to lend a hand, show some interest, and throw her one heck of a bachelorette party! Still not sure what’s expected of you as a bridesmaid? We've got you covered...


Show Interest

There is no doubt that your bride is excited about her new adventure and chances are that she doesn't want to stop talking about it. Don't let your best girl feel like talking about her wedding is selfish or making you feel bored because she will feel like she needs to refrain from all wedding talk!

It's up to you to be her moral support and to bring up these conversations so that she has someone to bounce ideas off of and vent to.

Don't just talk wedding

Just as it’s helpful to ask your friend about her wedding, it’s also important to ask about her work and family life and to chat about what’s happening with you too. She is probably getting hit with tons of bridal questions that are making her feel like sticking her head in the sand. So from time to time, make sure you also talk about anything other than her wedding plans.

Take A Step Back

Brides should really take your style into consideration but sometimes they’ll be set on a certain (purple tulle) for their day that may make you want to cringe. There's a major chance you'll look hideous in some things like the style or colour, but it comes down to the fact that it's her day and the dress is ultimately her choice. So, follow the beaten track... as long as your dress isn't three sizes too small, it's your bridesmaid duty to smile and grant her wishes!

Treat Her

Making your bride feel special in the months leading up to her special day is important, especially around her engagement and those weeks of endless planning. Remember to make every planning date an excuse to whip out the bubbly, send her exciting texts or spend time going on shopping sprees!

From getting a facial together to hosting a weekend away for her and her bridesmaids- weddings aren’t just about one day. Show your bride how happy you are for her with small gestures and celebrate every step of the way!

Be Useful

The best thing you can do as a bridesmaid is get things ticked off the wedding list. Offer your help for certain tasks or take something off your bride's hands entirely. Take charge of the posting of invites, assure her you'll take care of steaming her dress, make sure the handsome groomsmen have their boutonnieres! It’s practical help like this, that’s invaluable in the steps leading up to the big day.

Team Effort

This goes without saying, but please make the bride's life a bit easier by befriending the other bridesmaids. You might not know them from a bar of soap, and you may even find yourselves competing over “best bridesmaid” bragging rights, but the last thing your friend needs on the morning of her big day, is to break up your quarrelling over who gets to hold her bouquet at the alter.

The Extra Mile

It's the small things that makes a bride truly value her girls and many of these little things don't cost a penny. A wedding morning playlist, a book of wifely wisdom, helping her select a signature scent or simply making sure no wedding day mishaps occur is something special that she will treasure for the rest of your friendship.

Your attention to detail will put your friend at ease – how could she be skittish on her wedding day when she knows you’ve got everything, covered?

The Final Step

You might normally be the first one to duck off on a night out but when you’re a bridesmaid, you’re on the clock as long as your bride is still up and at ’em. Hit the dance floor if it empties out after a dreadful tune.

Of course you should let loose and revel in the party, but don't forget, your girl might need a hand removing those 100 and something buttons from her dress at the end of the night.

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