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How To Be The Best Wedding Guest

Are you hoping to bring your wedding guest A-game? Let the SA Weddings team tell you how, because we all know that there's more to a wedding than getting dressed up, shedding a few tears and dancing the night away—you have important responsibilities too.


Receiving The Invitation

Your invite will arrive in your mailbox a couple of months ahead of the wedding date, but don't be the one to let it get lost in the piles of paper! Check the event date and jump onto your calendar to decide whether you'll be able to attend or not and respond as soon as you can! Your procrastination may seem normal but it could add to the couple's wedding planning stress.

A Wedding Announcement

Don't get mortally offended if you're not invited to the wedding, even just receiving a wedding announcement means the couple want to share there happiness with you. It would be a lovely gesture to send a personal handwritten note of congratulations, thought it's not expected it's always nice to be as supportive as possible.

The Wedding Gift

An easy way to handle a wedding gift saga is to send your gift to the couple upon accepting the wedding invitation - and not to bring the gift to the ceremony. It just means the couple need to worry about security and somehow getting the gifts back home when the wedding is over. If you won't be able to make the wedding, it's still a kind gesture to send a gift but you also won't being committing social suicide if you don't. Another thing to remember is that you don't have to get the couple a gift off their registry. If you have another idea you think they'll love, by all means go for it!

What To Wear

Think about the season, the formality of the invitation and where the wedding is being held when determining what to wear. You should always remember to not wear anything too 'flashy', it's not the occasion for you to attract attention. The best thing about the last couple of years is that wearing black is no longer taboo at weddings - it's now perfectly acceptable!

The Wedding Ceremony

Arrive at the ceremony early or on time - this is not the event to be fashionably late! You have been chosen as a guest to be part of the ceremony and to share the special moment with the couple and their family. If anything, try to arrive 30 minutes before the mentioned time on the invitation. It allows you to spend some quality time with your glass of bubbly!

The Wedding Reception

The receiving line is the first thing you'll be part of but don't spend too much time in the line, just have a few heartfelt words will do! Pre-drinks is the best time to mingle, so enjoy! Don't forget to check the seating plan before you enter the reception venue and although you'll probably be seated with friends you are familiar with, don't be afraid to be adventurous and chat with a few folks you aren't acquainted with. When it comes to dancing - always follow the lead of the couple, the wedding party and their families.

The last thing is 'when is it appropriate to leave?' Trust us- you'll know when the reception starts to wind down. The polite thing to do is wait for the cake to be cut before you leave. When you have decided it's time to go, be sure to make an effort to say goodbye to the bride's immediate family and thank them for hosting you.