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Hiring A Toastmaster For Your Wedding

A perfect wedding can go down like a lead balloon if the wrong person gets behind the mic. Cue scenes from the ‘Wedding Singer’ movie, on a serious note though - we don’t all have that friend or family member that is comfortable with speaking in public. So if this is the case, perhaps it’s time to consider hiring a toastmaster.


Wedding Etiquette

Your toastmaster can be a great point of contact to help with the etiquette side of your wedding. They should be professional and prepared to help make announcements, relay general ‘house-keeping’ rules and the basic flow of the evening. They’re also there for moral support, introductions and can often help keep the pre-wedding nerves at bay. One less thing to think about for you!

Meet and Greet

Who better to make sure everyone is feeling comfortable and is properly introduced and welcomed, than a professional? With excellent people skills - toastmasters or MC’s can really help create a mood and make sure everyone is feeling more settled and less stressed on your big day.

Someone to Trust

Building a relationship with your toastmaster prior to your wedding is essential, they should have a good idea about you as a couple and what you like and don’t like. On your wedding day, you certainly don’t want to be answering questions regarding the schedule and present table - this is where a toastmaster can be a lifesaver. Being an emotional time for all your loved ones and family members can often also mean that having someone who’s external to the family dynamics is an added benefit.

Communication is Key

Taking all the stress out of on-the-day liaising, toastmasters also become the link between everyone involved in the your celebration- from caterers and photographers to your guests. One person running the show and ensuring communication is kept open is essential. Aways present and behind-the-scenes, a toastmaster can alleviate running problems and add to you having more fun on your big day….. just the way we like it!

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