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Hair and Makeup Tips with Cecilia Fourie

Every bride wants to look and feel like an absolute princess on her wedding day. Sure, the dress, shoes and venue play a huge role in that, but so does hair and makeup. A professional hair and makeup artist can completely transform your look and turn your wedding into something out of the movies.

We met up with Hair & Makeup expert, Cecilia Fourie from Cecilia Fourie Hair & Makeup who answered all of our questions regarding your wedding hair and makeup dreams. We hope you learn a thing or two and take in all Cecilia's invaluable advice...


Why is a professional hair and makeup artist necessary for weddings?

I think Hair & Makeup is one of the main aspects of the wedding day. Women spend a lot finding a beautiful venue, getting that perfect dress and hiring a good photographer to capture the day, but this will only be completed if the bride looks and feels good on her wedding day and that starts by getting a professional Hair & Makeup artist.

As professionals, we are trained and have good knowledge of what makeup and hair will suite your skin as well as go with each personality and look wanted. We use professional products to keep everything looking great for the wedding. It is also important to try and find one person that does both as this will be more cost effective and will save time with trial preparations.

Would you say that it’s important for the entire bridal party to have their hair & makeup professionally done?

Yes, especially if there will be pictures taken of the bridal party and family. It’s not just important to have the bride look good in pictures. I feel that it’s a formal occasion and with formal wear you always look well rounded if hair and makeup is done.

How do you determine what makeup style is suitable for a particular person?

I always consult with my brides to see what type of makeup look they prefer as everyone has a style preference. Based on what she’s comfortable with, I’ll then create a makeup look that suits her skin type, face & eye shape to get an overall look that suites each bride individually.

When it comes to hair & make-up, are there any particular looks which should be avoided on your wedding day?

With makeup, try and stay true to your personality and not to go overboard and too different from what you’re used to. I have one rule with my clients, especially when it comes to lip colour… if you don't have a bright lipstick in your everyday makeup bag I don't suggest wearing it for your wedding day. As a colour lip is a very bold statement and should suite the bride’s personality and style. I strongly believe you should wear the lipstick and not the other way around.

HAIR - please consult your hairstylist about your hairstyle before going for a trial. There are many factors that play a big role in creating that perfect hairstyle such as hair type, thickness, length and your dress. When brides scout for ideas, please keep in mind what your hair is like when looking at ideas. For example if you have fine hair go for an upstyle as curls don't hold in fine hair.

My one key piece of advice is to be open minded when going for your hair trial.

Do you have a particular style when it comes to hair and make-up?

My style is flexible and adjusted to each client. I love doing messy hairstyles that are not to structured and makeup that brings out your natural features. I want my client to look and feel good especially on their wedding day.

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Videography: Barefeet Videography
Venue: The Forum | Embassy Hill
Hair and Makeup Expert: Cecilia Fourie


the forum embassy hill

the forum embassy hill

Begin your journey to forever at the forum embassy hill, nestled in the Constantia Valley.



Barefeet loves nothing more than the opportunity to capture these once-in-a-lifetime memories in the most natural, authentic and captivating way.

Cecilia Fourie Hair & Makeup

Cecilia Fourie Hair & Makeup

I strongly believe each and every person should look natural, yet radiantly beautiful, this is accomplished by enhancing each client s natural features.