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Groomsmen Gifting

It's tradition to give your best man and groomsmen a gift to say thanks for the special relationship that you share but when it comes down to finding thoughtful gifts for them, it can become a little tricky. You bride-to-be will tell you that gifting for your guys is an important part of the wedding planning process (it's a lie) but it certainly reflects the way you feel about your friends. You may find that each gift differs according to your groomsmen and it can be something they love, treasure or even laugh at.


Cheers, to all those tux-renting and scotch sipping lads that get their best mate to the aisle on time. We definitely need to give them some praise. They keep the groom out of trouble, stress-free and they may or may not have heeded to your 'no strippers' rule for the bachelor party. These are the chosen ones, the ones your groom loves so shall we spoil them or what?!

Manbags (the cool kind)

Every groomsmen needs a wash-bag! How about personalising it with their initials on a classic manly leather bag. It will be something useful, that they can also remember for years to come!


Cufflinks are always a winner! So splurge for this one as we're aiming to spoil your groomsmen. They make for the perfect gift and will be treasured for years to come. If you want to take it to next-level spoiling, order custom suits and pick up the cost of your groomsmen's jackets. You want them to look sleek and stylish don't you?

Big on Brews

This is the booze inspiration you've been waiting for! Think about what your friends love to drink, are they big on brews? Why not get him a case of his favourite six, a home-brew kit or even make a day of it with a beer tasting experience for the whole groomsmen party?

Personalised bottle openers

Why not give your guys a personalised bottle-opener? This is sure to be a major upgrade from whatever they're using from old varsity days to open their next drink..

Tie Fun

We down to the last idea and it happens to be every bride-to-be's worst nightmare - the classiest and perfectly mismatched groomsmen's ties! You must have seen the drool worthy pictures in Pinterest. Its the best gift ever, a spiffing new tie that is so personal that it makes your individual style. Let the hipsters be hipster!

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