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Getting Your Body Wedding Ready

We believe that every bride is absolutely beautiful and we most certainly don't believe in crash diets or harsh detoxes right before your big day. However, we do understand that every bride wants to feel breathtakingly beautiful on her special day and sometimes shedding those last few kilos could help.

Our advice? We suggest that instead of trying to lose 10 kilos in one week, focus primarily on health by keeping your nutrition in check and the rest will simply fall into place.

We have some key pieces of advice, so listen closely...


Avoid unrealistic diets

As tempting as some diets sound, they will often leave you feeling about 10 times worse once you go back to your normal eating habits. Initially, you will lose the weight, but it will most likely be water weight and muscle - something you do not want!

Our suggestion is that you change your eating habits by removing junk foods, carbonated drinks and sugary treats from your diet and focus on whole, healthy foods which will in turn contribute to your health in a positive way.

We strongly believe that once you start focusing on your health, instead of having an obsession with weight loss, everything else will fall into place.

Limit alcohol

We know that there's nothing better than sipping on some beautiful G&Ts after a stressful day at the office, but remember that alcohol has lots of empty calories - and believe us, they can add up!

So, no matter how pretty that cocktail looks, remember it is filled with sugary bases and unnecessary calories which will contribute to weight gain. We love the idea of home made ice-tea's, herbal teas and delicious infused water.

Get your beauty rest

We know that with working a 9 - 5, it's sometimes quite difficult to get that much needed rest, but you simply have to make time for rest and your (at least) 6 hour beauty sleep.

If we don't get enough shut-eye, our ghrelin (the hunger hormone) levels increase, making us more likely eat unnecessary foods So, ladies avoid pulling those all-nighters; you're not doing yourself any good! If you're struggling to sleep at night, we advise booking a spa day to help remove stress from your body, therefore helping you relax more easily.

Keep your dinners small

There's a quote we love and believe everyone should live by. It goes like this...

"Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper"

Avoid having heavy meals in the evening as your body will end up storing all the excess energy as fat. By eating a well balanced breakfast and lunch, you will be less likely to overeat at dinner time and you'll be more satisfied with a smaller dinner.

Get moving

Sometimes exercise can feel like such a schlep, but once you get into a routine, you won't be able to imagine life without it!

For those ladies who are scared to lift some weights, don't be! We promise, it won't make you bulky. In fact, adding some weights to your current exercise routine will help you tone up quicker and will increase your metabolism and cause your body to burn more fat.

Stay hydrated

Many times we confuse our body's cry for water as a need for food. Avoid the confusion by staying hydrated - remember, water also does wonders for your skin and the overall functioning of our bodies!

Ladies, remember, your health is so important! This should be a complete lifestyle change for you and not just a way to lose weight for your big day.

The sooner you start, the sooner you'll reap the benefits.