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Favourite Finds: Stationery Wizards!


Amy Claire Creative Studio

"Every bride is unique, which is why everything about your Big Day should be uniquely 'you'... right down to the stationery." - Amy Claire

Amy Claire Creative Studio are masters at designing, printing and putting together beautiful stationery works of art for beautiful brides, of course! This lovely company will take your needs and wants into account such as your personality, your wedding theme and any visual inspiration you may have. They will ultimately give you a one of a kind experience!

Secret Diary

"We believe that the most simple things in life often hold the sweetest and most powerful memories. A simply folded greeting card, an intertwining monogram or a perfectly printed invitation; these are keepsakes that are savoured for a lifetime, and we are proud to be crafters of these memories." - Carla Thomson

Secret Diary is an AMAZING company with many talented graphic designers, but what make them amazing is that they have a keen eye for detail. They want to meet and exceed each clients expectations with gloriously designed stationery.

Phone: 021 914 7224

Lily Young

"We love making our clients happy, here is what some had to say." - Lily Young

Lily Young specialises in creating truly original, unique, contemporary and lavish wedding stationery that speaks for your special day. And you're one lucky bride if you live in Pretoria or Johannesburg as Lily Young has studios in both cities!


Seven Swans

"It is no wonder our first love will always be wedding stationery, but our gusto for pretty-making has seen us branch out into creating retail products with our own taste in mind; from gifting stationery and art prints to an ever growing list of template designs! Making our design work available to an even wider audience has made us very happy Swans!" - Anelle Mostert

We found a stunning stationery company in Cape Town that loves all things pretty, from perfectly crafted typography, inspiring calligraphy, various colour palettes and magnificent paper. They'll be one of the best teams to help you create your ideal wedding stationery!

Phone: 082 452 5165


Secret Diary

Secret Diary

Our alluring invitations and social stationery is for those who truly desire to set themselves apart by making the perfect stylish statement!

Amy Claire Creative Studio

Amy Claire Creative Studio

Every bride is unique, which is why everything about your Big Day should be uniquely 'you'... right down to the stationery.

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