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Favourite Finds: Lauren Batchelor Jewellery!

"Trends come and go, and style evolves. It's important to have pieces of jewellery that are timeless and look chic despite ever-changing fashions." - Karen Elson


Lauren Batchelor Jewellery is handcrafted and made with silver & gold. Lauren's jewellery pieces are some of our favourites as they are timeless, elegant and can be paired with all your best outfits!

The beautiful piece above calls out to us with its bold blue colour. If you look closely, you can almost see the universe within it.

It's tough finding jewellery that you love; they come in all shapes, sizes and colours - it's enough to drive you moggy! But don't fret, Lauren has provided us with many different options to make up all happy.

And there's something for everyone whether you crave an elegant traditional ring, a unique design that pays homage to your relationship or a stone of magnificent colour to make all your friends green with envy. You'll find all you desire with Lauren Batchelor Jewellery.


Made in Durban, South Africa.

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