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Favourite Finds: Fragrance Boutique!

"Make me a perfume that smells like love." - Christian Dior


A perfume is something which is invisible and yet an unforgettable accessory for a women. It's a just touch of femininity to her every day life - that's why we love that the Fragrance Boutique can bring us all our favourite perfumes at a much more reasonable price.

Almost 16 years ago, the brains behind Fragrance Boutique decided to buck the trend of overpriced perfumes and take a stand and thus the journey began!

Did you know that 80% of your perfume cost is purely the designer packaging, branding and advertising? We didn't! That's why we need the Fragrance Boutique as they're the leading perfume franchise in Africa!

They've spent 16 years trying to save us money and succeeding!

And you don't have to worry about the authenticity of their products because they are imported directly from Grasse in France. And they have a no questions asked, money back guarantee! Wow!

If you've loved the idea of having all your favourite perfumes in one place as much as we have, take a look at Fragrance Boutique's contact details below!

Mobile: +27 81 310 5845