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Eco-friendly Weddings!


Weddings are a happy, joyful, celebratory events and being environmentally friendly doesn't always make the cut. Between the mass amount of flowers, the printed stationery and the uneaten food, weddings yield kilos of waste once they're over.

Do you really want that?

We've seen more than enough wasteful weddings so whether you are planning your special day or event, here's what you've got to know!

Tip 1: Ditch the Printed Stationery

It's gorgeous, delicate and beautifully designed but are you really going to keep all 250 menu's printed for your big day? We think not...

Paper probably isn't the first thing you think about when talking about wedding waste, but where do all the event programs, menus, table seating cards, signs, invitations, table numbers and thank you cards end up?

In a black bag - not even a recycling bag!

Opt to use chalkboards and mirrors to navigate guests through your wedding. Vinyl stickers, anyone?!

Tip 2: Food Waste

There are many towns, cities and provinces in our country that don't have access to food and water so food waste at weddings is a no-go!

Ask your venue or caterers if composting is an option, donate the unserved food to your nearest homeless shelter, but remember to coordinate this well in advance.

Tip 3: Flower Power

Flowers are one of the most beautiful aspects of a wedding and they're also the most wasteful. To be more eco-friendly, swap out some flowers and arrangements for plants such as succulents, ferns or delicious monsters! This is a huge cost saver and you'll be able to decorate your home with these eco-friendly plants too!

If eco-friendly plants aren't your style, you do get companies that recycle flowers. There are many options to choose from - donate them to an old age home or to your local church for their services.

If you're flying flowers out from a foreign country, you're adding more pollution to the environment like, fuel, pesticides and energy to keep the refrigerators cold so that the flowers don't wilt.

The reality is that with every other element of your wedding (excluding food) everything has the chance to be reused.

We hope you can incorporate some of these tips and ideas in your big day!