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Dreamy Tropical Honeymoons Destinations

SA Weddings looks at some of the world's best tropical honeymoon destinations


World Leisure Holidays

Very little compares to an escape from the drudgery of daily life to breaking away to an island. The get-away paradise island of Mauritius has remained one of the most favoured destinations for South African families, honeymooners, sports enthusiasts, or those who simply need to indulge in a bit of well-deserved luxury.

Mauritius is nestled in the southeast Indian Ocean, an easy flight of four hours from Johannesburg. Its 58 beaches and over 330km of coastline make it a perfect island holiday to relax on soft white sands or immerse yourself in crystal-clear water and discover the natural riches a tropical ocean bed has to offer. There are also numerous spectacular natural landscapes well worth visiting. This includes the 7 coloured earths, the Tamarin falls, craters left by extinct volcanoes, large lakes and lush forests, and historical colonial towns such as the capital, Port Louis.

World Leisure Holidays believes that the magic of the moment creates memories that last a lifetime. And when it comes to inspiring moments of relaxation, excitement, luxury and sheer escapism, its hotels and resorts have no equal.

When I was approached by SA Weddings to write about my favourite holiday destination, first thing that came to my mind was the Maldives – the Perfect Honey Moon Destination. Earlier in my life I had the opportunity to visit many countries through my work and this was the place that actually made me want to get married. I spent a week on one of the many islands and I can say, it was the most romantic place I had ever visited. You are away from the busy life, social media, TV, even people. You are surrounded by beauty, extraordinary marine life in the reef around the islands and myriads of stars during the night. I had never seen so many stars before or gazed at them for so long. And there is an island to suit almost everybody's taste – some of them are with luxury accommodations and some have just small cozy bungalows for shelter during the night. You can just enjoy each other or if you get bored – there are lots of activities like diving, catamaran sailing, snorkeling etc that will make your stay memorable for the rest of your life.


We went to Mauritius in 2011 for our honeymoon and it was the best 10 days ever. With the all-inclusive package you can really just relax, select a different restaurant every afternoon for lunch and every evening for dinner. For all the honeymoon couples they had a special romantic dinner on the beach. They really know how to treat you and spoil you with the extras included in your honeymoon package - a couple's message and free goodies!

We enjoyed lying on the beach and sipping on cocktails. Some days we just sat in the swimming pool enjoying the weather and cocktails. Our barman Manav even made us some special cocktails not on the menu.

We also enjoyed the various tourist attractions, a visit to the sugar museum and Port Louis for shopping. Also a day outing on the catamaran was some of the highlights. If you feel adventurous you can hire a scooter and take to the streets. This is a nice way of exploring the island. The people are friendly and always smiling. We also met other couples from South Africa and made friends for life.

Remember to take the all-inclusive packages it is really worth it…

If the Lily Young Team had only one Dreamy Tropical Honeymoon Destination to choose it would have to be the San Blas Islands of Panama, one of the most undiscovered islands and in full control by its natives, the Kuna's. A destination so unique where one can discover and experience the most untouched nature and culture. The Kuna's are very protective over their lands, keeping them healthy and beautiful. Sail from island to island, sleep in eco friendly accommodation created by the Kuna's, eat with them and take in every bit of their beautiful culture. A honeymoon should be a time to explore, experience and discover together as a couple and we believe the San Blas islands offer an endless experience of wildlife in the jungles, marine life in crystal clear waters, white beaches, warm waters with beautiful people and food. The San Blas islands do not cater for the tourist and thus you have to do everything the local way and that's what we love most about it. At Lily Young we believe in a wild adventure for a honeymoon that will never be forgotten

SA Wedding looks at some of the world's best tropical destinations


World Leisure Holidays

World Leisure Holidays

World Leisure Holidays, wholly owned by Sun Resorts in Mauritius has become legendary for its sensational resorts, unsurpassed locations, unmatched facilities and exceptional s...