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Digital Stationery Trends & Why you should consider it

With the rise of the digital era and popular millennial mindset - wedding trends have modernised and with it the ever important stationery that accompanies it!


Let's face it, when a beautiful envelope arrives in your post box, you are positively sure that there is a wonderful set of news awaiting you. The invitation is the first formal introduction to your big day and with it comes a lot of joy and excitement. But what if your invitation is digital? Do your guests feel the same or is it totally tacky? Digital invitations have gained massive popularity and the paperless route seems the way forward right? Economically it makes a lot more sense, but is it the appropriate medium for your big news? We have listed our favourite pros and cons and we will let you be the judge of it.

Digital Pro's

Personality & Style
Designers can create a beautiful design with your personality and style perfectly intertwined in it. Yes sure they are not packaged in a beautiful envelope but these days, digital invitations include interactive elements and the option to include images, special sayings and anything your heart desires which makes it pretty darn easy to include your personal stamp on it.

Digital invites are a whole lot cheaper than printed invitations and these days, you can even create really amazing designs using free software which really provides value for your buck. Try Paperless Post or Canva for some amazing digital invitations which won't break the bank.

Ah the usual stress of getting responses is a thing of the past. Digital invitations make it so much easier to keep track of your attendees. The bonus of this - you can keep track of your guests in real time with a simple click of a button. Should you wish, you can even allow your event date to sync to Google calendar and other date keeping apps, ensuring your guests will be reminded of their upcoming event in style. With our fast paced world, this is pretty handy.

Digital invitations make it really simple to include bulk information for your guests. This is really useful if you are hosting a weekend soiree. Sometimes too many inserts in a printed invitation make it really difficult to keep track of everything. With digital invitations, you can categorise your information using different 'pages' or tabs ensuring the user is not overwhelmed with all the information.

Just like printed invitations, you can create outstanding digital designs with a professional edge using stationery studios which offer this service. The bonus of this? You can recreate your vision in a print format for your older guests or those who do not have access to email or internet. Your unique design will still make a statement even though they are digitally presented. We love this!

Digital Cons

Sentimental Value
According to etiquette experts, digital invitations are considered less sentimental and when it comes to a big event like a wedding it is considered tacky sending an e-invite. We can agree with this in some regard. Our world is so fast paced and our inboxes are inundated with new emails everyday, that your digital wedding invitation can get lost or worse, totally overlooked.

If your wedding guest list has people of all ages, you should consider older guests such as grandparents who may not have email addresses. This may make it a little tricky getting your good news to the older folk. If you guest count has a lot more older individuals, the paper route may be a little more senior friendly.

Design Possibilities
The world or print is a magical one and the possibilities are endless. Some of these design options like laser cutting or engraving, letter pressing, hot foiling and more will only be available to print friendly designs. Should you want to make use of these jaw dropping finishes, print is the way to go.

Personal Touch
A printed invitation adds the ultimate personalised statement. Digital invitations are quite general and don't necessarily allow for guest personalisation. Printed invitations on the other hand allow you to personally address your envelopes when inviting your guests which in turn does make them feel quite special and hand picked.

Lasting Memory
As your inbox fills, a digital invitation will eventually get lost in tech space. A printed invitation is a lasting memory and special keepsake of a beautiful day especially if you opted to splurge on your creations.

All in all, there is no right or wrong way of doing it and both print and digital invitations have their pro's and con's. Decide together what is important and best suited to your guest list. Doing this will bring up valid points and allow you to choose the best medium going forward. In the end it is about YOU and your beautiful union amongst family and friends.


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