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Colours for your Bridesmaids Dresses!

"My five best friends, who were my bridesmaids in my wedding, are still my best friends." - Jill Kargman


We think 2018 is a good year to be a bridesmaid. Gone are the days of over-ruffled, crinkle satin, poofy skirts in shades of yellow and orange. Your bride-to-be has you covered in elegance this year with sweeping styles that'll live in your cupboard long after your walk down the aisle.

And don't you worry about the colour options because there's so much pretty to pick from and we only picked 5 to share with you!


Teal is a must-have colour as it's beautiful, elegant and a super alternative to your traditional navy blue. This colour for a bridesmaids dress will be perfect. If you're not convinced - ask your stylist how it will look with coral and blush!


Are you looking for something a little less cute? Try a dusty mauve - this colour is uber popular and looks stunning on every skin colour.

Midnight Blue

Midnight blue has that classic feel without going with your traditional navy blue. You can add a little sparkle to the dress with sequence or crystals to take it to a new level.


Neutrals are always popular as they can match almost any wedding decor! Nudes are always a bit more fun than your average blushes. Switch your bridesmaids dresses to nude and watch the gorgeous, fresh and airy feel it creates.


Black is always a winner for your bridesmaids, it's a shade that will make them feel confident and slim. It's also an extremely classical look if you're going for a modern, elegant wedding.

We hope you got some inspiration from our 5 colours above - sometimes it can be tricky to keep all your bridesmaids happy with your dress selection!