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Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Finding ‘the one’, multiple fittings or international orders and couriering can take weeks if not months, so you’ll need to leave plenty time for this to avoid unnecessary stress. We don’t need to state the obvious...but it’s kind of the most important dress you’ll ever buy.

Valencia Harrison shares her best advice with brides who are looking to find their dream wedding dress.


Being in the bridal industry, you’ve seen many trends come and go. What do you foresee being a big trend in the upcoming bridal season?

Upcoming bridal trends seem to be simpler gowns, less is more. More architectural looks are coming through. High necklines with back detail etc. The classics will never date, such as sweetheart lace vintage gowns.

How does a bride decide on a dress for her particular shape and size?

The best way for any bride to decide is to try on dresses. It's that simple. When coming to my studio, I specifically concentrate on size and shape and what works well. I’d definitely recommend that brides try on at at least 3 different dresses before making a final decision.

In your professional opinion, would you say a dress is better bought, hired or made for the bride?

It's really important that a bride has a budget for her dress. This is the most important thing before making a decision on buying versus hiring etc -there are different personalities out there... some brides want to find a dress straight off the rack and don't want the dress making experience. So, it depends on the individual. I do think that the budget ultimately makes a decision on which option to follow.

If a bride has a particular dress style in mind, but her budget doesn’t allow for it, what advice would you give her?

Because there are so many boutiques out there it is important for brides to do as much research as possible to see what they can get for their budget. At my boutique I have most options available. Hiring, buying as well as designing and make to hire. So bride could potentially have her dream dress made from scratch at a discounted rate to hire. So we offer assistance to most budgets and are willing to sit down and discuss options

What would you say is the number one mistake brides make when choosing their wedding dress?

The biggest mistakes most brides make, if any, are choosing trends that aren't matched to their personalities. When looking back at their pictures 10years down the line they need to be happy with their choice. This is why I do lots of versatile options such as tops and skirts and over skirts etc.

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Designer: Valencia Harrison Designs
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the forum embassy hill

the forum embassy hill

Begin your journey to forever at the forum embassy hill, nestled in the Constantia Valley.

Valencia Harrison Designs

Valencia Harrison Designs

Wedding dress designer / stylist based in Cape Town, South Africa. We do custom design and manufacturing of bridal gowns and entourage attire.



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