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Children At Your Wedding

Even if you’ve always envisioned an adults-only wedding (which is completely fine), why not at least toss around the idea of including kids in your big day celebrations before making the final decision?


While you’re mulling it over, here are some of the pros of inviting the little ones to your big day.

A Family Gathering

Inviting children is a wonderful way to let your wedding double up as a family get-together. Consider hiring a brilliant nanny service to watch over the children as they play crafts and games in a designated area at the reception. Think of it this way- your cousin who recently had a baby and your best friend with four kids may be less likely to make it to your wedding if they have to separate from their brood and hunt for a sitter (especially if your wedding is far away).

The Wedding Party

Whether you consider yourself a traditionalist or not, including tiny tots in your ceremony as flower girls or ring bearers is such a special element of any wedding. It gives the children a chance to shine while offering you and your guests a touching and irreplaceable “aww” moment.

All Dressed Up

We’re obsessed with seeing our little loves all dressed to the nines. We can picture it now: a few munchkins in mini dresses and suits running around the lawn outside during your cocktail hour—such a happy sight! It’s a wonderful opportunity for the children to be included and to have all the families together in one setting, it also offers a rare chance to see them looking squeaky clean and adorable. No sticky fingers in sight!

Perfect Photographs

Not only will the little ones look angelic in their wedding outfits, they also provide a little extra fun in the terms of affectionate and quirky photo moments! If you forgo kids at your wedding, you'll miss the chance to catch those some of those heart-warming moments for your wedding album. Just think, you're holding your tiny flower girls hand while she ogles over your dress, or you handsome hubby is twirling your best friend's daughter around on the dance floor. And if you've been smart enough to hire a photo booth - children are straight up masters at silly faces and poses!

Those Unexpected Moments

With children involved in your big day, you're almost guaranteed to have a few priceless moments, if a little one manages to spill a drink on your bridesmaid or knocks over your wedding cake let the laughter bubble up. Little disasters like these, may seem huge at the time but looking back- they'll become the moments you won't ever want to forget.

There is nothing more spectacular than to see a child's sense of wonder. So why not welcome this authentic playfulness and bright-eyed optimism into your big day? With little infectious giggles and toothy grins staring up at you, you can be guaranteed of a whole lot of extra joy to you and all the guests on your big day. Children at your wedding will be a honest reminder of pure love and happiness - and isn't that pretty much everything you've ever wanted for your marriage?

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