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Chic Bridal Shower Themes

Are you thinking of a fun themed bridal shower to celebrate the special bride-to-be? Look no further, we have you covered for the latest ideas that we absolutely love.


Most of the time selecting a theme is easy when you know the bride-to-be’s personality but on some occasions it can be tricky and a little inspiration from the pros goes a long way.

Who doesn't appreciate a nice glass of wine every now and again. So why not have a wine themed shower where every guest brings a bottle or two of wine to help build the couples wine cellar. You could even go as far as to assign each guest a different varietal or wine region to maximise their collection. You can even opt to turn the shower into a tutored wine tasting experience, certainly an idea we're loving!

If you are the lucky friend asked to plan the bridal shower, consider hosting it in your garden or a local picturesque park. With a few minor added décor touches - it could easily be a top outdoor choice.

Add a little Parisian-inspired goodness to the day. A theme can help the everyday bridal shower climb up a notch or two in the wow-stakes. If you have any doubts, just have to look at the photos below to fall in love with this theme. As Audrey Hepburn says 'Paris is always a good idea'

If your bride-to-be is a bookworm, reach out to guests and ask them to bring a beautifully bound book or a gift voucher to a book store. You could also continue the theme by sending out bookmarks as invitations or as favours to the bridal-shower guests. We love 'Secret Diary' - take a look below for some inspo.

Foodies, unite! The ultimate bridal shower for the food lover has arrived- hosting a kitchen or cooking themed shower means you can select recipes from your bride-to-be's favourite cookbooks and spend the time practicing your wifely duties. You could change it up and bring in outside caterers/ private chefs to add a little extra flair to your meals. A good place to start your search would be Stir Food - their food is equally delicious and beautifully presented.


Secret Diary

Secret Diary

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