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Can I Just Nap Until My Wedding?

Not getting enough zzz’s? You’re not alone. Read these five top tips to get the pre-wedding rest you need!


Sleeplessness is a common struggle when you're planning a wedding, especially as the date gets closer. So whether you're up all night searching for inspo or going over your never-ending to-do list, we've got real fixes to help you get your precious beauty sleep.

Bedtime & Exercise Routine

Having a daily fitness and sleep routine to stick to is a definite must. Exercise is proven to be an amazing stress release and it's also good for promoting sleep. If you do a spin class or an evening run, it gets rid of all that nervous energy and will help make you feel tired in time for your scheduled bedtime. Remember to also set aside 20 minutes before bed to wind down, even take a warm shower or meditate.

Pull The Plug Early

The ultimate 'sleep stealer' goes to Pinterest and the light your Iphone or Ipad emits is also extremely stimulating to your brain. Be a smart bride and adjust your display settings or simply put your Iphone on nightshift.


If you are someone prone to panic and anxiety and your mind is always running away with to-do-lists, it would help to try the four-seven-eight calming breathe technique before bed. It's such a fun activity, so sit comfortably and visualise your wedding day. Think of your gown, hair and flowers. Inhale for a count of four, hold for a count of seven and then slowly exhale for a count of eight. It's a great and easy relaxation tool.


Props to the couples who can roll right out of their work day into wedding planning mode in the evenings but chronic multi-tasking is bad for your health. It can make you sleepless, short tempered and prone to meltdowns. (We certainly don't want to suffer any of these symptoms!) You need to plan a wedding work schedule, it will keep you focused and free from multi-tasking induced freak-outs and pulling all-nighters!

All brides-to-be and grooms-to-be who are reading this, you're probably carrying some major stress on your shoulders - this is the reason for your sleep patterns going into decline. To try keep your stress in check, the above mentioned tools are a good starting point to correct bad habits. Another idea would be to monitor your internal clock, to make sure you go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. As simple as it sounds, It really does help, tons!