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Bridesmaids Gifts 101

"Dear best friend, he may be the 'love of my life', but you will always be my soulmate." - Brides


They're with you on your wedding planning journey, they walk down the aisle with you and they stand by your side when you say your 'I do's". They're your best friends so treat them well and spoil them even more!

1. Monogrammed Compact

A makeup compact is incredibly useful yet something women hardly ever buy for themselves. Add a personal touch by embossing it with their name or your nickname for them.

2. Emergency Kit

Fill a jar or makeup bag with girly essentials such as lip gloss, mints and a perfume sample along with other handy items such as safety pins, a plaster and a sewing kit

3. Tote Bags

Tote bags are relatively inexpensive and you can customise them to your hearts content!

4. Lipstick

Every girl needs a signature lippie, right? spoil your bffs with a trip to a makeup store to help them find a go-to colour. Maybe even let them wear it on your wedding day!

5. Bubbles

If your bridesmaids are bubbly lovers, buy them each a bottle or a case of their favourite bubbles and personalise it with a sentimental note. They'll sure love the bubbly but the personal message that came with it will be greatly appreciated.


I do box

I do box

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