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Bride of the Year 2018 Q&A: 1st Princess

After walking away with the title "1st Princess" at Bride of the Year 2018, we simply had to have a catch up with Kylie and Gavin Booyzen post competition. Read all about their experience of the show and what they loved most!


What made you enter Bride of the Year 2018?

I have ALWAYS dreamed about entering the SA Weddings Bride of the Year competition and it was on my “bucket list” of things to do! Since around 2015 I have followed SA Weddings Bride of the Year videos and have built up my excitement since then!

What did you do to become a finalist?

I frequently sent my family and friends messages to encourage them to vote for me. I shared my Bride of the Year profile on social media and also created collages with my wedding photo’s and Bride of the Year voting details. I also tried to make sure that I was in the Weekly Top 8 Most Voted Brides on a weekly basis. My family and friends truly supported me by voting on a continuous basis.

Tell us how you felt when you got the call to say you’re a finalist...

When Beatha called me and told me that I am in the Bride of the Year finals, I think I ended up asking her to call me back so that I can just breathe! I was over the moon!! I immediately phoned Gavin and started screaming! I was so excited and proud that I made it to the Top 12. One of my biggest dreams finally came true!!! It took about a week for it to sink in that I was a finalist!

What were your expectations of the event? Were they met?

Gavin and I were SOOOO excited for the weekend away to the Maslow Hotel. I expected the event to be glamorous and fun, and this is exactly what it was! The SA Weddings team went out of their way to treat us like complete royalty; it was truly such an honour being in the Top 12 Finalists. Since we arrived at the Maslow Hotel in Sandton, we felt like celebrities and it was just spoils after spoils. As finalists, we received so many gifts, and even though it is Bride of the Year, it was so special that the men were treated so much as well!

What were your highlights of the weekend?

Definitely being crowned the 2018 SA Weddings Bride of the Year First Princess. The whole weekend was one of the top highlights of my life, every single minute we were spoilt to the T! Getting to spend some quality time with my husband was so amazing! We live a very busy life, so this weekend was truly a blessing.

I LOVED walking the ramp! We rehearsed a lot, so by the time it was the actual event, it felt so natural. I loved hearing our family and friends cheer for us in the crowd and it was such an honour for us that family and friends took the time to come and support us. The event was so well put together by SA Weddings and all the suppliers, it was all just perfect.

What went through your mind when you were announced 1st Princess?

Haha, this is actually quite funny. When JP Robberts opened the envelope and read out “Mrs July!” I didn’t click that it was me!!! Gavin nudged me in the back and I just got butterflies as I knew it was me. MY DREAM CAME TRUE and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!!!

Any advice for brides entering Bride of the Year 2019?

BE YOURSELF and enjoy every moment. Do not try to be someone else; God created you unique and in His image and if you are meant to be a finalist, you will be! Try to constantly stay in the Top 8 brides of your month and remember that each vote counts!

Any last words?

Dearest SA Weddings Team.

All I can say is WOW and THANK YOU. You truly spoilt us all to the T! This weekend was absolutely perfectly planned, everything went so smoothly and you are all just such warm-hearted people. I am blessed to have been part of this event. There was not 1 dull moment this weekend. I loved spending time with each one of you and once again thank you for everything, you are truly the best. It is 2 months since Bride of the Year and Gavin and I are still swooning over all our pictures, videos, prizes, and of course my sash and crown!

My wish is that God will bless and increase SA Weddings throughout this next year. You are truly a magnificent and incredible team.


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