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Bridal Party Bonding

Picking your bridesmaids and bringing them all together is one of the highlights of being the bride - though it can also be very challenging, and occasionally awkward. We believe bonding with your bridesmaids way before your wedding is a very good idea as it means that you can all work together as a team to make sure everything you need is accomplished in good time. So here are five easy ways to help you become even better 'besties' before your big day:


A Pre-Wedding Potluck

Who said you need to burn a hole in your pocket spending a night out on the town? Instead we recommend planning a relaxed potluck evening, where all the girls can bring their favourite dish, wine or cocktail surprise. It's also a fun and relaxed environment to learn more about each other, especially over a tasty home-cooked meal.

Put Them In Charge of DIY Crafts

Are you putting yourself up to the ultimate challenge, with bridal DIY crafts? Why not minimise your task load and get your bridesmaids involved in the ultimate craft evening, complete with wine and girl talk. Nothing bonds girls together like some glue and scrap paper!

Have Them Go Dress Shopping

The golden rule is never go dress shopping alone - inviting your bridesmaids to come along with you, helps to make it an exciting adventure for all. You'll also receive an honest opinion from your friends and get them to say "Yes!" to the dress!

Do a Workout Class Together

A dance or gym class is a sure way to get your bridal party bonding through some laughter while you get in the ultimate bride-body shape! So kill two birds with one stone, getting wedding-fit and enjoying all your girl time in one go.

Virtual Meet-and-Greet

A great modern idea to get all the girls together (if you're scattered around the world) is to have a Skype or FaceTime session where everyone can see and chat to each other. To make it a little more personal, ask everyone to have a glass of their favourite wine and the latest issue of Vogue Bridal to discuss together.

With all of these fun ideas to think about- remember you don't have to stress about planning them all yourself! Hire a wedding or event co-ordinator to help make life a bit easier, so you can take the back-seat and just enjoy this special life stage with your best girls by your side!


Otto de Jager Events

Otto de Jager Events

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