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Bridal Beauty Tricks for the Ultimate Foodie!

The five foods below have spectacular beauty benefits and nutrients that are oh-so-good for you and will help with that extra bridal beauty glow!


Apple Cider Vinegar

We know it's not the tastiest thing to consume but it has some really great health benefits that lead to a well oiled digestive track. The exciting beauty boost that you'll notice is that your skin will get that healthy glow, without being too oily or dry. To make sure you don't miss out on this beauty benefit, create a DIY solution by mixing one part apple cider vinegar to three parts water!

Avocado (The good kind of fat)

Not only do we love avocado's but the oleic acid (which is the good fat) makes for a healthy heart and may just also help you burn those pre-wedding calories! The fatty acids in avocado's have a natural healing agent. If you mix an avocado with 62ml of olive oil and 15ml of lemon juice and apply from root to tip, it makes for a perfect mask for healthy replenished head of hair. Don't forget to rinse it out after 15 minutes!

Ground Oats

Cheers- to feeling full and satisfied after a hearty bowl of oatmeal, with the added benefit of lower blood cholesterol, of course! If you are a bride-to-be suffering with a sensitive skin, a ground oats face mask will be the perfect exfoliant to get that glow going. Mix your ground oats with water until it forms a paste, apply it to your skin, let it set for a five minutes and then rinse it off. Easy Peasy.


This delicious, incredibly hydrating, antioxidant-packed veggie may also just help lower your risk of chronic disease and is one of our summer favourites! There are so many beauty tips and tricks where cucumbers are involved. Known for their anti-acing, de-senstitizing and moisturising benefits, slice some cooled cucumber and put them over your eyes for the perfect quick-fix for tired eyes and the perfect 5 minute beauty break... What puffy eyes?!

Tea (A Hug in a Mug)

The wonderful health benefit of Green tea is that it contains amino acids from theanine that have proven to reduce stress levels and promote cognitive function, tea is also packed with healthy antioxidants. The beauty trick that you'll want to know comes from Black tea, t's another great find for reducing that under-eye puffiness. Just let the tea bags cool to room temperature after steeping them and apply them to your face. Drinking Green tea also means you're upping your body's hydration levels which is essential for great, glowing everything! Cuppa please!

These five beauty hacks will work to keep you healthy and stunning —inside and out.