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Beauty Appointments

The whirlwind of planning your dream wedding can be a little crazy at times but please don't forget to book all your must-have appointments before your big day!


1. The Skin Doctor

Visiting your dermatologist will help you get and keep your skin on track in the months leading up to your wedding. You and your dermatologist can work on a skincare routine to ensure it's perfect according to your skin type.

2. The Laser Treatments

If you don't mind splurging a little cash on never having to shave again, consider purchasing a laser hair removal package a few months before you wedding. It can take about six sessions for the outcome to be effective, so cheers to a hair-free honeymoon ladies!

3. The Tooth Fairy

It may be a little cliche, but making a appointment to see your dentist is essential. They are the reason behind that pearly white smile in all your photographs!

4. The Colourist

When it comes to colouring your locks, it's important to start well in advance. Try booking a hair appointment six months before your wedding to just have a chat with your colourist about your dream colour. To make the planning stage a bit easier on you and your colourist, bring examples of the hair accessories you plan on wearing on your wedding day. This will help to give you an idea of where to place your highlights!

5. The Stylist

You can walk through all the on-the-day hairstyles you can think of, up, down, half-up and all around! So book that customary hair trial with your hair stylist a few months before you wedding. If you want to be the bride that's a step ahead, book to see them twice, once for a cut before and then again to style.

6. The Facial

Although a facial is by no means a pre-wedding necessity, it is a wonderful treat! Make an appointment with your bridesmaids around three weeks before your big day for beautiful healthy glowing skin!

7. The Makeup Trial

Makeup trials are there for a reason. Gather tons of beauty inspiration and be specific with the ideas you like; matte or gloss, bronze or smoky eyes? Never leave anything out, and if you don't like the look as much anymore, speak up! Work together with your makeup artist and they'll create your dream bridal makeup! Just remember the waterproof mascara for those definite 'happy tears.'

8. Hair Extensions

Are you regretting that chop you did a few weeks ago? Looking to spice up your updo and add a little love? You should consider hair extensions but do some deep research to figure out the type you want, with clip-ins, tape or bond options all on offer. Call up your stylist and ask for their opinions on what'll work with your hair and whether they have anyone they'd recommend.

9. Sun Kissed

To tan or not to tan? That is the real question. We know all about the qualms of being in a beautiful white dress and feeling just a bit on the pasty side, but no one wants to look like a bright orange pumpkin in their wedding photo's either, now do they? So if you'd prefer to be a little more of a tanned look on your wedding - try have a spray on, with an aesthetician and we suggest a trial or two for safety.

10. The Mani's

This is the last appointment you'll need to make as a bride-to-be! Remember to book this the day before your wedding so that your manicure will still look fresh and shiny for those sneaky, close-up ring pics!

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