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Atomic Orchid- And Your Ultimate Floral Fantasy!

Atomic orchid is the natural culmination of Colin and Margaret's combined experience and complimentary talents.


Margaret has a background in corporate and finance, being responsible for a workforce of 2000 people as well as being a company director for many years. Colin, had the privilege to grow up in a household that was always filled with fresh floral displays and a mother perpetually preparing to entertain up to 50 people at the drop of a hat! It's no wonder that 'Atomic Orchid' is a project born out of passion and natural flair.

Colin was running a recycling art studio when he was first approached by one of Joburg's leading florists to assist on an event. The rest of his floral career fell into place when he and Margaret decided to open their own flower store in Pretoria many years ago. And so 'Atomic Orchid' was born. With a simple and dynamic philosophy when it comes to designing flowers and events, Colin and Margaret stay true to their unique approach and believe in adding value to everything they do.

Career Highlights

Atomic Orchid had had the privilege of designing a royal wedding for the first princess of the Royal Bafokeng tribe which was a very high profile international wedding while also coordinating an event for Bloomberg TV that was more recent with countless international celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Robbie Williams and others featuring on the show.

You will have definitely seen Atomic Orchid somewhere as they have been featured in many major publications across the country as well as a tribute that featured on SKY News for Princess Diana's funeral. But Colin and Margaret decided to tone things done and focus on their passion for weddings and events. With Atomic Orchids versitility, they were able to take the plunge into the endlessly detailed industry perfectly.

Top Tips For Brides-To-Be!

Atomic Orchid believe in being current. The last few seasons in the bridal industry have seen many re-interpretations of various themes. They do not believe in trends as such although they do incorporate fashionable elements into their designs. So take a look at their top tips below!

1. Your choice of flowers for your wedding needs to reflect your most intimate joy and passion. Flowers are the “crown”, the most compelling detail and the most animated detail of your wedding day. All effort must be made on the brides part to ensure that the flower choices are a natural extension of her personality and style.

2. Always, always choose seasonal…this makes perfect sense in the grander scheme of your wedding design.

3. When choosing the person/company that will bring your flower fantasy to life, select someone that you like and trust. Give them your brief and then allow them to take control once both of you have settled on a design..a meddling bride is sure to find herself on the wrong side of any supplier,even more so, the floral designer.

4. Going forward we are seeing more brides embracing the “green” trend with lots of clients going for foliage-rich designs. Pink is also everywhere at the moment internationally and we'll soon see if our local brides cotton on to that too.

And for a final goodbye, Atomic Orchid believe that trends tend to come and go and as such, always do their best to interpret these trends in a wholly unique way. Their style can be described as minimal, organic and elegant and are not usually advocates of using truckloads of flowers at events, unless the design calls for it. They're big fans of keeping it local and seasonal, wherever possible, and believe that supporting small farms and independent growers is incredibly important.

So pick Atomic Orchid for your big day or special event and complete your floral fantasy with an unbelievably creative power-team of two!

For Booking and Inquiries:

Colin and Maragret can be reached and booked via their website here: