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Annoying Traditions To Ditch In 2017

Here a few wedding traditions that we won't be heartbroken over if left behind in 2016...


Let's face it- weddings are all about tradition. From unity candles, to tossing a garter at the end of the night - it may seem like every piece of your wedding celebration is already pre-planned for you. If that isn't your style, or you are looking to make your wedding day a little more 'you', here are some of the wedding traditions we think you'd be safe to ditch, change or at least challenge.

1. Wearing a "true" white dress
We know that white is the traditional dress colour and if you mentioned the word ivory fifty years ago - you would be frowned upon. Nowadays, if your dress has a blue undertone or is champagne in colour, its all beautiful and most importantly happily accepted.

2. Having an all white bouquet
This is no new tradition and has been trending for a few years already but we say although all-white is ultra classic, bring in the greenery, ladies! Your photographs will come alive with a pop of colour - for the perfect bouquet take a look at Fabulous Fynbos!

3. Not seeing each other before the wedding
The tradition says that you may not see your bride or groom prior to your ceremony. This rule originated when brides only met their groom at the altar for arranged marriages...not something the modern-day female may want to promote. We say 'move with the times'- it's your call.

4. Garter & Bouquet toss
This wedding event has always been fun and playful in the moment but if you look back to weddings you have attended it can also be a little creepy. Your new husband taking off your undergarments with his teeth and throwing them to a pack of single men...But if that's your thing and you're pro-tradition, go for it.

5. Smashing cake into one's face
We feel that having icing all over your beautifully made-up face and the fear of it messing on your wedding dress is a tradition that we would be happy to forget about in 2017, yes? With that being said, it can still add a quirky element to your photos for the fun-loving couple, but don't feel bad about being a diva and not wanting to mess up that pristine bridal make up either! For a cake that is to die for - you need to try Kanya Hunt and The Hunt House Kitchen.

All that matters in the long run is that you are both happy and agree with how your wedding day will play out. Don't be afraid to participate in the decision making, gentlemen. And if all else fails- remember those valuable two little words 'Yes dear'. Create the wedding that best compliments your personalities and don't let traditions stifle your style.


Fabulous Fynbos

Fabulous Fynbos

Continuing the Michell tradition of providing fabulous proteas and fynbos to customers

Kanya Hunt t/a The Hunt House Kitchen

Kanya Hunt t/a The Hunt House Kitchen

Born with a passion for baking, Kanya Hunt is reputed to make the best dessert-style wedding cakes around. These cakes are intended to be used as dessert or as part of dessert ...

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