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An Online Gift Registry With A Difference.

The SA Weddings team came across a very interesting gift registry concept and were dying to find out more! We sat down with Kate du Toit from Kiff Bru Projects to find out exactly how this online gift registry came about and what makes them so special.


What is Kiff Bru Projects?

Kiff Bru Projects is an online registry service that seeks to help local, charitable institutions achieve their goals through the donation of gift packages. Kiff Bru registry allows you to buy a gift or create a registry to support NGO’s in one of the following categories: Animals, Education or Health of your choice.

This online gift registry with a difference was started by Kate du Toit who after graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Marketing and worked in the media industry for 6 years decided to embark on this venture in 2016. Two of her close friends had made the noble decision that instead of wanting gifts they wanted guests to donate money to an animal welfare of their choice.

However, there was a bit of reluctance as some felt it was impersonal whilst others were not convinced as to where the money was going; hence the launch of KIff Bru Projects: A website where you can create a registry, choose exactly what you want to give, who it goes to. Knowing that the impact you will make will be real, tracked and acknowledged.

Why Education, Health and Animals?

I looked at which categories were most important in South Africa and decided that the help is needed mostly in those 3 areas. Also keeping in mind that they are broad enough to cover an array of different organisations that are still related, but do not have the resources needed to market themselves.

I also wanted to ensure that the categories varied in order to include everyone as some people may be more passionate about one cause or charity than another.

What is Project of the Month?

Project of the Month is where Kiff Bru Projects partners with another local business called Picnic Company where we try to stay topical and current. Our main aim is to to create awareness and to build a campaign around something that already exists and that people are passionate about.

As an example, it’s Mandela Day coming up soon. Kiff Bru Projects opted to do something different around the day seeing as it’s already a day about doing your bit to assist the community and make a difference big or small.

How and why should a bride use Kiff Bru?

Gift registries might not be for everyone however, there are always guests who want to give something anyway. Creating a registry for a cause, where people can actually purchase actual gift packages that underfunded organisations greatly need and still send the couple a personal message, is the perfect gift for couples who are looking to create a gift registry with a twist.

Brides can make their special day mean so much more by helping those who need it the most and the cool thing is that once the packages have been delivered, the couple as well as the guests will be notified. Sometimes it’s kiff to do something kiff. It make us feel warm and fuzzy inside!

What if you're wanting to support a different charity that is not on the website?

At the moment, it’s not something that Kiff Bru Projects offers as the whole idea behind the website is that it’s goal oriented. Our strategy is to focus on fewer more specific projects at a time.

The idea behind Kiff Bru Projects is to attain immediate help for many organisations each year at a time. Custom charities for couples is something we may look at in the future.

How do I go about using Kiff Bru Projects?

If this sounds like something you’d like to do for your wedding gift registry, you can follow these simple steps:

- Click on the “Create your own registry” button
- Fill out your essential details including the registry name, a personal message and a pic!
- Select the project you would like to support, along with the goal amount.
- Send link to friends and family.
- Track the gifts and contributions!

Lastly, even if you don’t create a registry, people can buy gifts on behalf of a friend! So if you’re a guest and don’t know what to get the bridal couple, you can purchase a gift package and donate it to the organisation of your choice on their behalf.


Kiff Bru Projects

Kiff Bru Projects

Kiff Bru Projects is an online gift registry service that helps local, charitable institutions achieve their goals through the donation of gift packages.