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Nolubabalo Salem Nyati: A Makeover With Image Innovators SA

As part of her winnings, 2018 Bride of the Year winner, Salem Nyati was gifted with a full style consultation and styled shoot courtesy of Image Innovators. We caught up with fashion stylist, Kyla Blackwood-Murray, to give us the ins and outs of what goes into an image consultation and of course, what took place at Salem's consultation!


The prize

A full Style Consultation
Face Shape Analysis
A full Colour Consultation
Wardrobe Audit

Make-up and Hair
One on One Make-up Lesson

Total value: R18 000.00

What is the process of an image consultation and what is included in it?

A Full Colour Consultation includes the following

Colour Draping to discover your unique Colour Direction flow and the perfect colours for you - these will help you with your clothing, make-up, hair and accessory colours

Determining signature colours, eye intensifiers and enhancers

You'll also receive a colour swatch and bag with identified colour flow direction

A Full Wardrobe Audit includes the following:

Analysing and revamping your wardrobe with knowledge gained from the style and colour consultations,

Discovering how to pair various items pertaining to style and colour ideals within your existing wardrobe maximising clothing that best suits your body shape and,

Colouring and restructuring of your wardrobe by eliminating clothing that no longer works for you

Tell us a bit about Salem's experience

Salem was delighted to discover that in having a creative style personality, she could express herself through her dress and accessories and that it is okay to be unique.

Discovering her personalised colour direction was a highlight for Salem especially at her final draping where she is wearing the BEST colours for her created huge excitement and appreciation. Salem has a perfect hourglass figure and so we've created her own ‘My Private Stylist Program’ where she was in awe of how many different styles of garments she could wear.

Salem's enthusiasm, charisma and passion made our job as image consultants such an honour and pleasure. We were so blessed to have worked with such an incredible woman!

What is the benefit of an image consultation?

First Impressions are formed within 3 - 7 seconds and how you present yourself is how you will be perceived, judged and remembered. Remember, first impressions last and your appearance is a reflection of your attributes and strengths, and ultimately, is your personal resume.

It's so important to know what colours, style and cuts are best suited for your specific body type as you are a brand. As image consultants, we'll help you create a positive personal brand that moulds the way others perceive you.

The end result

Let's take a look at the end result of Salem's consultation and styled shoot. These images are absolutely gorgeous!