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Alternatives To The Traditional Veil

As times goes on and ceremonies begin to shift into modern territory, wedding attire has naturally adapted.


Many brides have said that they are opposed to the traditional full-face veil and the lifting of it, which stands for the groom taking possession of his wife. Therefore we have 5 alternative veil ideas for the more modern bride-to-be.

A tiara will make most brides feel like the Princess or reigning Queen of her wedding day. So, what better way to maximise that feeling than by wearing a tiara covered in rhinestones, diamonds or pearls? If you're looking for some classy crowned icons, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor perfect the look for a bride who prefers a more classic appeal.

The Golden Age of Hollywood is our inspiration for the birdcage veil. They are generally viewed as less old-fashioned than the obvious full-faced alternative. This glamorous look will pay homage to the beautiful brides of the 1940's!

The stunning and ever popular flower crown has seen many looks in the past year - vintage, medieval, bohemian and opulent inspired brides are all turning to this floral head piece. Oozing romance and femininity compared to the traditional veil; they're the perfect attraction for the freespirited down-to-earth bride.

Headbands may be last on the list but they are worth some serious thought, capturing the heart of every whimsical bride dreaming of that fairy tale love. Isn't it every girls dream to be covered in flowers, pearls and other fanciful accents? Bridal head bands are also a practical solution to every bridal hairstyle, whether its an up-do or loose flowing locks you're after.

For the bride who wants simplicity, this modern statement piece of the jewelled hair accessory can be the ultimate choice! There are millions of styles to choose from and the possibilities are endless- from elegant hairpins to vintage style combs. Whatever you may choose, this adornment will always be a winner in our eyes.

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