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A Sneak Peak At Some Of 2017's Big Wedding Trends

Planning a 2017 wedding?

If you can't decide on your colour schemes, floral choices or favours- look no further. We've got the inside scoop on a few sneak peek ideas at what wedding trends are on the rise this year:


A Colour Comeback

Colour is making a full on comeback this year! All-white weddings will always have their place and we certainly saw a lot of them last year but we have a hunch that we'll be seeing more hanging centerpieces and more lighting patterns being used this year.

Couples, especially overseas, where they are still a season or two ahead of us, have gone fully mobile with their wedding plans. Millennials are all about instant gratification, so they want their wedding plans right at their fingertips at any given moment and the whole process of planning will be shifting to an online platform. We're obviously rather happy about that and have the -erhemmm- perfect site just ready and waiting for your planning pleasure. And it's free!

Garden-Inspired Florals

With florals, we're going to keep seeing the more organic, natural-looking bouquets and centrepieces. Using seasonal flowers with more natural hues and less need for the dying of flowers; this whole 'wilder' look isn't going anyway with our beautiful brides-to-be in 2017!

Visual Impact

When it comes to wedding decor inspiration, couples are taking advantage of the vertical visual space above guest tables and highlighting it with a number of options. We think you can expect to see this space being used quite originally in this new year- think luxurious candelabras, low-hanging string lights and chandeliers peaking in popularity.

Honeymoon Heaven

Faraway Destinations are on the rise this year! While the tropical island inspo will always live on in our books, we find couples are looking more towards 'once-in-a-lifetime' destinations and honeymoon havens that take them off the beaten path.

Technology Hacks

Couples in 2017 are finding new ways to integrate technology into their destination wedding. With live-streaming, Snapchat and 3D printing being new additions to the wedding mix, we feel these are things to look out for in the new year- especially when not the whole family is from one area. Thanks to technology, your Granny in Canada can be watching you say 'I Do' live from the African bush!

Get Creative in 2017!

It's no secret that couples are looking for ways to engage their guests throughout the wedding day, especially during that photo hour. Last year saw the rise of the food-trucks and food station craze and we have to be honest, we don't see this weeding trend going anywhere- and we're pretty happy about that! Interactive food stations and lawn games are great for creating a vibe among your guests and getting people to engage. Dessert tables are still on the rise too as are any alternative to the traditional wedding cake (that lets face it- never gets full polished off) We think 2017 is also the year for some late-night snacking at weddings. Think sweetie bags and midnight takeaway treats for after all the dancing.

Don't know what to put on your gift list?

This last trend is our absolute favourite; in a shift that focuses more on giving than getting. Many couples are embracing charity registries as their own 'registry'- asking guests to make a donation in their honour instead of a formal gift. This is becoming more and more common for couples who have lived together before their big day too, as the toaster and kettle are already bought and theres no denying it- there is so much need in the world right now.

Photo credits to Pinterest, My Domaine, Bridal Musings and Brooklyn Bride.