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A Guide To Delivering The Perfect Groom's Speech

Gents, you've just experienced a roller coaster of emotions from seeing your beautiful partner walk down the aisle in her exquisitely designed gown, to exchanging vows and the very first kiss as husband and wife. Now it's time to deliver your speech - something most men fear as not everyone is a born public speaker.

Well, we're here to take all that stress and fear away! With the right amount of prep and planning, you're going to do just great and your bride will fall absolutely head over heels in love all over again. Have a read through our guide to delivering the perfect grooms speech and let us help you with one of the most important speeches you'll have to make in your life.


Keep jokes to a minimum

Please remember that this is not the time or place to test out your stand up comedy skills - no matter how tempting it may be. It's okay to crack one or two jokes, but your speech should be sincere, warm and focused on your beautiful bride.

We're not saying that there shouldn't be any comical relief, but do try your best to keep it to a minimum. We're also pretty sure your bride wouldn't be very impressed if the jokes are mainly about her. It might seem funny to everyone else, but could be slightly humiliating for her.

Focus on your beautful bride

Now is your chance to publicly declare your love for the woman by your side. It's always a good idea to reference the term "my wife" early on in your speech - guests love it and your bride sure will.

Compliment her and make her feel special. A public declaration of love is extremely special and this is your once-in-a lifetime opportunity to use it!

Thank the parents

Always remember to include both sets of parents. Make use of this opportunity to thank your in laws for accepting you into their family, for raising your beautiful bride and for everything they have done for you.

Don't forget about your own parents! Remember to thank them for all the support and love over the years.

Be yourself

Avoid using your "telephone voice" (no use denying this - we all have one). Be yourself and you will deliver the best speech - something that is straight from the heart.

Also remember to keep a good pace. Don't rush things and don't talk too slow.

Avoid long lists

Don't get us wrong, we love lists! However, the boring type that resembles a school register is not our style - especially if we have to sit through it and listen to every single name being mentioned.

With that said, have a list of people to thank, but keep it short. Remember to thank your partner, bridal party and guests - especially those who have traveled from far to be apart of your special day.

A toast to your beautiful bride

In our view, there's no better way to end off your speech than with a toast to your beautiful bride. Raise your glass, get close to your bride and toast to your new lives together as husband and wife.

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