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6 Fun And Unique Confetti Ideas

Confetti and weddings go hand in hand - there's something so incredibly special about it, too! Confetti adds that extra something to an occasion - so light, happy and just screams "celebration"!

If you're stuck on what to use for your wedding confetti, we've got you covered with a handful of ideas.


Biodegradable confetti

Here at SA Weddings we're all about having a beautiful wedding, but taking care of our precious planet at the same time. If you're an eco-warrior, biodegradable confetti is all the rage and it's so widely available.

In terms of biodegradable confetti, you're looking at a number of items that would naturally be absorbed or dispersed without harming the environment. As a bride, your options could be a number of things - think along the lines of seed packs, flower petals or buckets filled to brim with fresh smelling herbs.

Flower petals

Very traditional, but very romantic! Flower petals, used as confetti, adds a feeling of romance and elegance to your wedding photos, especially!

Rose petals are generally the go-to, but again, your options are endless and depends entirely on you and your partner. When thinking about which petals you'd like to use, think about your favourite flowers and what would look good on your wedding photos.


Who doesn't love bubbles? Bubbles are fun and playful and if this sounds like you, then it's definitely the answer to your confetti needs!

A bonus is that it looks really good on camera as you make your ceremony exit, showered by bubbles of love.


Greenery must be one of our absolute faves! If it's up to us, this trend can stay forever!

If you wish to use greenery for your wedding confetti, try leaves or herb petals. Either way, they're great, affordable and simplistic with a chic twist.

Confetti cannons

Your wedding day should ultimately be the best day of your lives - the biggest celebration! Why not celebrate with some colourful confetti cannons?

Confetti cannons are so affordable and they're readily available at most party stores. These are sure to add a fun explosion of colour and bang to your big day!

Edible confetti

Our favourite form of edible confetti is popcorn! Yes, you read right!

But before you get too excited, if you're using popcorn for your wedding confetti, make sure that it's not buttered or dyed. No bride wants to have oily stains on her dress! Should your guests (or the birds) feel a bit peckish after the ceremony, this is a great snack for them too.

Another alternative, and a traditional option, is rice. Traditionally, throwing rice at the bride and groom was known as a form of good luck - add in some unique packaging to include a special touch to your big day.




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