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5 Reasons Why We Love Fairview Farm

Fairview's mission is to be one of the leading wine farms worldwide - providing customers with incredible wines, delicious cheeses and plenty of joy!


SA Weddings was so thankful that Fairview came on board and sponsored some truly amazing hampers for our Top 12 Brides for 2016, therefore we are spreading as much love and good vibes for them.

1. The Cheeses

We've held many net-working events, attending many weddings and plenty of launches where cheese boards are a must-have but no cheese can beat Fairview's Camembert! And they make it so hard for us to pick one of all three of their camembert cheeses, so we love all of them!

2. The Olive Oil

The SA Weddings team work and live quite a long ways away from Fairview's farm but we will drive to moon and back to purchase a bottle of their Olive oil - it's a staple for all households.

3. The Wine

Fairview farm was first established many moons ago, in 1693, and their mouthwatering wines are produced from many of those older vineyards. We couldn't be more happy about this and each bottle we've had is perfectly made and is overflowing with true sophistication and complexity.

4. The Goatshed

The Goatshed is on our shortlist for our favourite country-style restaurant and the reason why is that their philosophy is that fresh and homemade is always better. Treat yourself to a lunch at the Goatshed as you will be taken on a whirlwind of flavours with their award-winning artisanal cheeses and handcrafted wines.

5. The Senecery

Fairview in nestled a beautiful part of the Western Cape, Suider-Paarl. It's surrounded by awe-inspiring landscapes and has a few goats and a shed that will have your little children bursting with joy.

To pop on over to Fairview Cheese and Wine Farm, follow the information below:

Physical Address:
Fairview Wine and Cheese
Suid-Agter Paarl Road

+27 21 863 2450

Email Address: