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5 Reasons To Consider An Intimate Wedding

For many couples, the primary reason to having a small wedding is budget, but there are so many other reasons as to why you should consider a more low-key affair for your big day.

So, whether you’re still not convinced that a small wedding is right for you, we here at SA Weddings have come up with a list of reasons that prove small is the way to go!


Venue Hunting Becomes A Breeze

Since you won’t need a large venue, there will be plenty of exciting options available to you; this is where you can be creative and let your personalities shine through. We love the idea of choosing a venue that reflects on the bride and groom’s interests – think along the lines of an art gallery, a private dining room at your favorite restaurant or a hidden forest for a truly special and memorable day.

You’ll Feel More Relaxed

You get to celebrate one of the biggest days of your life with those who truly matter to you. A smaller crowd will automatically make you feel more at ease and relaxed – the way it should be on your special day!

The Planning Process Becomes Easier

Planning your wedding should be loads of fun and there should be little to no stress involved. With smaller weddings, the planning process becomes so much easier and you will have the opportunity to really enjoy your engagement and the moments leading up to your big day.

You’ll Have More Time With Your Spouse

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience and unfortunately, when it comes to large weddings, you will feel obligated to keep guests entertained and happy instead of spending those precious moments with your spouse. An intimate wedding is simple and there’s generally less stress involved, which means that you can truly soak in every precious moment.

You Can Save Money

Let’s be realistic, weddings can be expensive and it is so easy to go over your wedding budget. A smaller guest list means that you can save on wedding costs and really splurge when it comes to your honeymoon!