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10 Things Every Bride Should Know Before Her Big Day

There's so much that goes into planning a wedding. So, we're here to help you out with 10 things you really need to know before your big day!


Invest in good undies

Make sure you get a good pair of nude seamless nude underwear- yes, you’re not necessarily thinking about camera flashes and lighting when you go dress shopping; as you just want something that makes feel gorgeous. Rightfully so.

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate

Have a bottle of water on hand when you take pictures. You should also be careful if you take pictures ahead of time because it’s easy to get overheated. It's also so important to remain hydrated prior to the wedding for that beautiful, natural glow - it's all about the glow, girl.

For what it’s worth, pre-ceremony photos becoming so popular - you can still do a “first look” with your future spouse even if it’s not as you walk down the aisle, and then you get to join your guests at the reception without delay.

The perfect photographer

Finding a truly great photographer can be a huge challenge, but we're here to help - we can personally vouch for the photographers listed on our site!

We all know some photographer who tries to make people pose with pitchforks, “goofy” socks or some other terrible schtick out there. Remember to spend time researching photographers - these pictures will last a lifetime.

Hair and make-up trial

You might need more than one hair or make-up trial. You think you’ll just go with a picture and do a quickie trial run, but just because the style looked gorgeous on the Pinterest girl or Lauren Conrad doesn’t mean it will work for you.

If you’re going to wear hair extensions, you should probably get your hairdresser to test those pre-wedding, too. Especially if it’s going to be cut closer to your hair length.

Ask for cake

Yeah, you might not eat that at the wedding, aside from the bites you feed your new hubby for that awesome photograph. But do not be shy to ask the venue to save whatever cake is left, as you definitely don’t want that to be thrown out - you paid for it after all and it's probably downright delicious!

Ask the caterer to pack a meal for you to eat later

Despite the fact that you meticulously planned the menu, you have a lot of people to greet, hug and say “Thank you!" to and you might not get to sit down long enough to enjoy the food. “Oh, we will be eating at our wedding”, is something that all brides say- and yet they end up not eating at their wedding. After the reception ends, you and your husband can enjoy your first meal together as a married couple.

Champagne and dress fittings do not go together

Sadly, you won’t always get champagne when you try on dresses. No matter how many romantic comedies have perpetuated this doesn't happen at every dress fitting.

Plan on getting your girl gang together for some well-deserved bubbly after your fittings!

Designate a bathroom buddy

It’s not easy to wee in a long dress with multiple layers of fabric and a petticoat. You might need someone to come into the stall with you - after all, this is what besties are for.

Wedding planning truth

The part where you gaze longingly at cocktails in mason jars on websites and decide what your wedding “look” will be really only last five minutes. Most of your time is spent researching and interviewing vendors, reviewing contracts, writing checks, and trying to get through the never-ending next item on your to-do list.

Take mental notes throughout the evening

It might take a while planning for your big day, but the wedding itself only lasts a few hours and goes by way too quickly. Every once in a while, stop, look around, and really focus on what’s happening. You might not remember every detail, but you’ll have those amazing photos and videos to fill in the gaps..

Take a moment to note who’s on the dance floor, which relatives made it past midnight, and how many people came together to celebrate your love. Most importantly, focus on your one true love!

Clued up? All that’s left to do, is enjoy it!!!