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10 Must-See Floral Wedding Trends For 2018

We absolutely love the smell of fresh blooms, so today we're taking a look into 2018's flower trends. We've asked some of our top service providers to share their knowledge on what brides-to-be should look out for when choosing their wedding flowers.


Ultra Violet

Named as the colour for the year 2018, be prepared to see an influx of purple blooms in floral arrangements, from bouquets to boutonnieres and centerpieces, purple floral elements will definitely be having their moment this year. So, don’t be shy to incorporate some magenta or lilac when it comes to your special day.


Say goodbye to the reign of pastels! Usher in a floral trend of “dark and dramatic”. With more and more brides opting for moodier hues, look to colours like mauve, plum and maroon for your floral inspiration.

Try pairing some greenery with dark colours for a subtle, yet elegant look.

Hanging Floral Arrangements

Gone are the days of dramatic centerpieces; it's time to shift your gaze heavenward. Go for simpler tablescapes and gorgeous, lush overhead hanging floral arrangements.

Think wisteria and abundant greenery! Anything that you can drape is in!

Avant Garde Designs

Architectural arrangements featuring single blooms, to geometric floral backdrops for the ceremony. Avant garde designs and lush florals are a match made in heaven and are going to be responsible for some of the most beautiful wedding photographs on your wedding day!

"Current flower trends to keep an eye out for are also boxed flowers, pampas grass made in all sorts of different uses and circular floral arches," say Liz from Puccini Creations

Overgrown Bouquets

Picture tall, white hydrangea and a dogwood bouquet - this is the perfect floral piece if you’re looking to add some height; set in a slim, tall vase. It is also a great piece for you or your bridesmaids when shaped to become a cascading wedding bouquet.

“Overgrown”, yet uncomplicated floral bouquets are the order of the day.

Pot Plants

Why pay for floral elements that’ll be dead in a week? If you’re looking to go the eco-friendly route, then potted, live plants and floral elements are a must wherever possible. These also make for great mementos of your special day as you can plant them in your garden afterwards, or send them home with guests as “thank you” gifts!

Greenery is more popular than ever - you can even use them to line the aisle! Freshly cut foliage and succulents in potted plants will truly bring out a natural and harmonious touch to your décor that will tie everything so perfectly together.

Foraged Flowers

Foraged flowers have been a trend for a couple of years now, but this year arrangements are getting even wilder. Branches, and similar elements are now being included in a number of floral arrangements for weddings - producing awe-inspiring bouquets!

Vines, branches and anything that your wedding florist can find on their own, without having to resort to a greenhouse or wholesale service. This style takes the greenery trend to an entirely new level and while this trend it definitely isn't for those who love symmetry and perfection, we'd argue that these undone (and slightly overgrown) arrangements are completely gorgeous in their own right.

Wreaths & Hoops

Here you can completely creative – even simple greenery wreaths can add a lot of freshness and beauty to your big day! They look absolutely lovely in every situation- whether used in an oversized version for the ceremony backdrop or in smaller versions.

Hands-down one of the most popular wedding flower trends for 2018 are wreaths.
The great thing about this trend? It's so easy to personalize, whether you want a dainty ring of flowers or a boho-inspired greenery wreath.

Succulent Bouquets

Yes, succulent bouquets are a hot wedding trend right now by adding a unique touch and a great pop of green! Bonus is that they’re easy to care for, environmentally friendly and far from ordinary.

Intrigue your guests by using them not only in your wedding bouquets, but as boutonnieres for a classy wedding day assemblage. The fun part is that once the reception is over, you and your groom can replant them in the comfort of your own home. Exotic yet muted, it’s easy to see why they’re becoming this year’s top wedding trend.

Charlene from Oopsie Daisy Flowers, mentions that exposed tables, dramatic non structured arrangements, lots of foliage and gold is definitely something any bride-to-be should keep in mind!

Floral Curtains & Backdrops

We love the flower curtain & backdrop trend! This is also perfect for a DIY wedding project. A wedding backdrop can transform your wedding into a truly extraordinary and memorable affair.

Beautiful flower curtains to welcome you and your beloved to the reception, a lush floral backdrop or curtain adds glamour and romance to any wedding.

Wedding flowers are the focal point of the wedding decor both at the ceremony and at the reception. So, whether you want to go trendy or keep it classic, it is completely up to you and what you envisioned for your special day. We hope these tips help in the planning process.

Happy planning, lovelies!


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