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Mark Jackson Photography

Mark Jackson Photography


Hi I’m Mark, a wedding photographer from Cape Town, South Africa.

Having dabbled in various visual arts over the last 2 decades including everything from oil painting to graphic design, I eventually stumbled on my love for photography and for the last decade have had the privilege of capturing hundreds of memorable weddings.

For me photography is less about the technical aspects like light and composition and more about capturing a sense of emotion, a moment in time that tells a story. That when you look at that image years and decades later it’s still able to evoke emotion in you. Whether it be a little girl building sandcastles in the aisle of your beach wedding or a stolen kiss when you thought no-one was looking, those are the in between moments and stories I love to capture.

I have an absolute blast shooting weddings and don’t take myself too seriously.
It’s super important to me that couples feel comfortable and enjoy the process of their wedding being documented. I believe capturing a wedding should be fun and you should feel like you’re at a celebration and not at a photoshoot.
I love meeting couples and taking the journey with them through planning and eventually celebrating and shooting their wedding.
If you’re looking for timeless, emotive photography and a fun relaxed environment on your wedding day, I’d be a great fit for you.

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