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DKE Productions

Sound & Effects


If you're ready to take your party up a notch, DKE Productions are perfect for you! Whether it's tasteful background music for canapés and dinner or the perfect song to pack the dance floor, our duelling DJs are going to make sure the right song always fills the air.

If you are looking for entertainment that will interact with your guests, create a lively atmosphere, and ensure that everyone has a blast, DKE Productions is the clear choice of perfection!

Wedding planning involves the coordination of a lot of details! You're going to spend hours making sure everything reflects your taste and style -- from the food and drinks to the linens and the flowers. But, did you know the #1 thing people remember most is the entertainment? That's where we come in! DKE Productions are here to pump up the party, leaving a smile on everyone's face. Whether you want sparks to fly, I’m not joking we can provide indoor sparkler fountains giving you first dance that WOW!!! effect then we can add a bit of clouds and create a spectacular first dance you’ll never forget creating picture perfect moment.

Bottom line, we make sure everyone leaves your wedding with lasting memories.


A photograph is the best way to begin.

We can help you remember that hug from your friends you haven’t seen in forever, how your parents cried happy tears as you said your vows, and the time your aunt absolutely dominated the dance floor with moves you didn’t even know she had.

We’ll capture the unique love you have for each other without making you pose for portraits forever while your guests have fun at cocktail hour. And after everything is done? You’ll have artful, unique photographs to help make those memories and feelings tangible.

We love taking photos of people and do that by capturing lifestyle and milestone moments. We absolutely love celebrating special moments with you and feel it’s a privilege to be behind the camera to do that. Marriage, family, and fun and photography is one of the best ways we can remember all of that.

Our photography style is efficient, yet laid back. I like to take a variety of posed and candid photos. I enjoy traveling to new places to have your ideal environment as the backdrop. We take photos the way you want them. I keep in mind what your “good side” is and can help direct you to pose and take the candid photos you’re looking for. I’m so flexible! You let me know what you are looking for and I can adapt to that as well as make my own suggestions!


Every wedding has a story behind it, to it and about it. Through beautiful imagery and emotional sound, we tell that story. We believe it is crucial that your film is timeless. Nobody wants to watch a wedding film years from now and feel as if it's been dated. We craft wedding film stories that hold up to decades and the passage of time.

Best of all, we do it discreetly, like video ninjas. What you see is what you get. We strive to make beautiful wedding videography with consistent quality and artfulness to tell the story of you.

We have a passion to capture stories through our lenses. Our seemingly effortless connection and teamwork unifies an overall vision for each wedding. It is important to us that we meet your specific needs and you are equally inspired by the finished film and photos.

Our team of wedding videographers will tell your story and everything that your day encompasses. From the moments of getting ready, through the ceremony, and to the final dances, we will depict the mood and energy of your special day in the most artistic way. We tailor our films with love, filling the edits with a sense of storytelling, creative transitions, and cinematic music. The wedding films we produce touch hearts and create everlasting memories for you and your family.

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