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DJ Greig

DJ Greig


I am DJ Greig and music is my fuel.
I've been riding the DJ wave for over two decades now and I am all about crafting unforgettable experiences for couples on their wedding day.

I'm not just about current tunes, I'm all about the timeless classics too. Weddings are the ultimate celebration, where family and friends unite to share your big day with you.

With my extensive wedding experience, I've got the lowdown on orchestrating epic evenings. I'm here to help plan everything from your ceremony soundtrack to the reception jams. Ever thought about spicing up speeches with personalized walk-up tunes? I've got the playbook for that, turning nerves into laughter.

DJing isn't just about hitting play, it's about meticulous planning and relentless effort. It's about reading the crowd, hitting them with the right beats at the right time, and slickly transitioning between tracks.

I bring a load of know-how, a knack for getting everyone on their feet, and, above all, a deep love for people and music.

I look forward to turning your wedding celebration into an unforgettable evening.

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