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DJ Cosher

DJ Cosher


I am Dj Cosher, a versatile crowd reading and people pleasing wedding Dj! With over 500 weddings to my name as a Dj, I have not only provided my DJ services for clients of my own but I am also a trusted DJ for many agencies, coordinators and venues. I think that my love for mainstream music is a major factor in my success so far as a wedding Dj. That feeling I get when hearing a great song from my past is a feeling I want to capture and share with my crowds. I believe that well known songs don't need to be "cheesy" to be enjoyed, and by mixing well known older songs and classics with modern well known chart toppers, mixed smoothly and seamlessly along with creating a few "special moments" along the way is the right recipe for a happy crowd. Due to my roots in hip hop music I am able to provide a secret weapon of a 30 minute old school hip hop mashup set, when appropriate (of course.)
My Dj career outside of weddings has let me to thousands of hours of playing what I like to call accessible house music, which in my own words would be described as house or dance songs that you haven't heard before but you kind of recognise it from somewhere and puts a smile on your face and gets you moving. The pride and the satisfaction I get from seeing a crowd singing along to songs they recognise, however platformed in a different way that they are used to is another great way of getting the majority of wedding guests dancing together. As a music producer I have enjoyed crazy success in the KFM market who support my music but also have helped me appeal to a very loyal listenership, this particular radio station have attracted the kind of clients that have demanded a feel good, versatile and knowledgeable music repertoire. With successful singles over the years specifically being dance covers of well known (wedding) songs I have landed exactly where I had hoped regarding the market and clients I play for.

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