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Cafe Felix

Café Felix


Our Venue Café Felix is suitable to host weddings for up to about 120 people. A number of weddings have been successfully hosted at Café Felix including the first and famous wedding of Charles and Dioni Lalieu (to this day this is still a talking point in town) and of course . . Ruben's wedding. Café Felix is also becoming quite popular for wedding couples from abroad (especially for couples with family ties in South Africa) mainly due to the good climate, friendly people and keen pricing compared to overseas wedding venues.

Your Wedding at Café Felix

The whole wedding package including the church, the priest, the music, the flowers, the photographer, the food, the wine, the dance and the party can be arranged. The only thing that cannot be arranged is the weather.

The food is the strong point of Café Felix and a choice of set menus or a harvest table can be recommended. Old Oak Manor Guest House, is conveniently located on the same property for family, friends and the wedding couple to stay over on the wedding day or day before. A special rate is normally negotiated for the wedding guests.

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Cafe Felix, 7 Church Street, Riebeek Kasteel, Western Cape