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Lana Roux Attorneys



Although a joyous and momentous occasion, the planning preceding a wedding can be time-consuming and stressful at the best of times, especially when both parties also have full time jobs.

Bearing this in mind I however cannot stress the importance of signing an Antenuptial Contract/”Prenup” before the wedding enough. This vital document serves to protect the interests and financial position of both spouses.

To streamline this process and therefore saving you much valued time, I offer an easy, fast, reliable and cost-effective national online registration forum. I can register your Antenuptial Contract regardless of where in South Africa you reside.

Antenuptial Contracts Made Easy

Click Here for an explanation of the two types of Antenuptial Contracts. It is of vital importance that you make an informed decision about which option you choose. Should anything be unclear or you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

After you have made your choice, Click Here for the application form. Please complete the form as thoroughly as possible and e-mail to I will supply you with a draft contract within 24 hours. This draft can be used as a discussion document and can be changed by me after receiving your feedback. Once you are completely satisfied with the content, I will send you detailed instructions for signature of the documents and payment instructions. Once signed, please send the documents to me by Postnet or Courier. I will also provide you with a letter for your Marriage Officer confirming that you have signed an Antenuptial Contract.

After receiving the documents, I will immediately attend to notarisation, lodgement and registration in the Pretoria Deeds Office. I will also notify you of date of registration by e-mail. Once in possession of the registered contract, I will return to you by Courier (the costs which will be for your account). I will also keep a registered copy in my protocol.

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