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Bride of the Year FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have created my profile, but I’m not appearing under my wedding month.

A: Log onto and click on users. Type in your name that you’ve registered with and 1) make sure that you have a profile picture linked to your profile 2) Click on the “page options” tab in the right hand corner and ensure that “I want to enter the Bride of the Year Competition” is ticked. 3) Ensure that your wedding date (including year) is correct.

Q: I cannot load my images

A: There is a 2mb file size limit with uploading images. Please resize your images and re-upload to your profile. Alternatively, ask your photographer to share your web-ready wedding album with you.

Q: I want to link my service providers, but I can’t seem to find them on the backend

A: When you’re on the back-end of your profile, click on “Link a Service” and then on “Can’t find a company” and fill in the form. We will then assist you from there.

Q: My votes are incorrect / not reflecting

A: Please allow 24 – 48hrs for your votes to reflect. If after the allocated time, your votes are still not reflecting, please feel free to contact us.

Q: Can my overseas family vote? If so, how?

A: Definitely! We have two voting options and both allows overseas guests to vote. Click HERE to find out more about the SnapScan and Bulk Voting Options.

Q: How do I make the most out of my profile?

A: Be sure to share your profile on all your social platforms and encourage your friends and family to share as well. You can share your profile using the buttons directly beneath your voting instruction on your profile or sharing the URL of your page.

Make sure your service providers are linked and ask them to share your profile with their followers. Your profile is a fantastic showcase of their work, so ultimately it benefits them as well.

Q: I definitely have votes, but my profile isn’t updating

A: You’ll need to log into an incognito/private window and check from there. If the problem still persists, try a different browser in incognito as it can be a Google caching issue.

How to Vote: SnapScan

To vote, scan the QR code visible on each bride page. You will need to use the SnapScan app available for your mobile device.
R1.00 = One Vote

How to Vote: Bulk Votes

There are three bulk voting packages available directly through us.
Send your proof of payment with the Brides VOTE ID as reference to:

  • R1000.00 gives you 1000 votes
  • R500.00 gives you 500 votes
  • R250.00 gives you 250 votes

Our Banking Details

Bank: FNB Branch: 209809
Acc No: 62814477172
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
Reference: Brides VOTE ID
Contact Danielle at for more information on the bulk voting packages